Hot Days bring Hot Tempers

Most of you have heard about “dog days.” According to the ancients, it was the time of the year in the northern hemisphere when the star Sirius which is referred to as the dog star appears. It was considered the time of sultry hot weather and was believed that it caused dogs to go mad and humans to suffer from many ailments. Living on the farm with dogs that were used for protection as well as helping in herding livestock, I remember when I was little my mother telling us children not to be tormenting the dogs because they would likely bit as it was the time of the “dog days.” And yes, she was correct because I remember more that once when one of them were just a little bit snippy due to the heat.

These past several days of heat and humidity, have caused me to notice how the general public have become more testy and as well snippy. I have known for a long time that hot humid weather brings on the bad tempers so I do everything I can to remain as calm and collected whenever they start being difficult.

I worked with several clients today that I have been working with and noticed that they as well were not being themselves. We all must learn to take this weather with a grain and work to avoid getting worked into a tizzy because it will pass more quickly than we think. Personally, I would rather take life during these hot and humid days at a slower pace than endure the biting winter winds that are again waiting for us in less than six months. We should learn from those that live in the deep South. They just find a delightful spot on their big front porches and enjoy the world at a slower pace. If you think your are about to have a “dog day”, slow down, grab a glass of ice water and go sit somewhere in the shade. It works every time.

Joe Chodur

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