Changing oars

Many times we start out thinking and stewing and thinking some more about making choices and then finally coming to terms with what we believe we want. I speak about this now because I have a couple who are very dear clients whom I have known for a long time. We talked about listing their home for the past several years and finally in late Spring they decided that it was time to sell. I really work at being soulful with sellers and encourage them to make sure selling at this time is in the best of their interests. At the time of listing, they told me they wanted to be near one of their children who live hours away. I know that they also have other children in opposite directions equally far from Mason City. Their home sold and their closing date is set. They found an apartment in the city where their one child lives and placed a deposit on it. Today I received a phone call from them saying they’ve decided to stay here in Mason City and was wondering if I could help them find a nice place to rent.

Luckily, I had one that just came on the market. After showing it to them, we visited about choices and some of the unfortunate decisions that past clients have made in locating far away from their friends and familiar faces and places. At first, I sensed that they were embarrassed in changing their minds in where they wanted to live. I cleared the air quickly with that notion. I’m sure after days and nights of really thinking about the whole scheme of things, they realized that staying in the center of the radius of their children would be in their long term best interest. The home they looked at will fit their needs comfortably and I’m confident they will be happy they made the choice to stay in Mason City. So, if anyone every chides you for changing oars in the middle of the stream, then perhaps they don’t understand that sometimes in stepping back and looking at the whole picture, one needs to make some alterations on their decisions. Personally, I’m happy they decided to stay because they are truly delightful people.

Joe Chodur

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