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My article today has absolutely nothing to do with real estate in Mason City or North Iowa.
It appears more and more these years that Americans take freedom for granted. We have yet in these times countries that are protesting on the streets and fighting guerilla wars to bring freedom to their families and their communities. With the recent events in Egypt caused me to be thankful yet again that I live here in the United States. Religion has been the cause of nearly all of the most brutal wars in history–and they continue. What I could never truly understand about so many of these wars is that Islamic beliefs, Jewish beliefs, and Christian beliefs all stem from the same source. Many of the prophets are shared between the three. After a conversation with a very wise as well as gifted elderly client yesterday, we both confirmed that the idea of using religion as a banner for which we can justify any action is wrong. And yet again today I heard another statement on the same line from a client that I ran into on the street. I believe what makes our country so great, is the the tolerance of diversity. Any time I hear any religious figure publicly making political remarks I bristle inside. Gifted lawmakers don’t make laws for their donating special interest groups, but rather for the whole. We all must have equal boundaries and equal responsibilities to keep our diverse communities working towards the continued maintenance of the rights that our forefathers passed down to us when they had the courage to step up and be acknowledged by signing the Declaration of Independence. I can only imagine what was going through their minds when signing it because if we did not win the war of independence, they would have likely been hanged for treason.

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