Smells of Summer

Parking under a Linden tree in bloom today was a delight. The fragrance of their flowers is wonderful especially if there is a slight breeze. At moments you get a big whiff and others just a glance of a smell. In Northern Europe, people pick their flowers and make tea from them. It is supposed to help calm nerves. Of course there have been many days lately of the smell of freshly mown grass due to the extra rain we’ve received. If I’m showing homes in the later afternoon and evening, the smell of outdoor barbeque makes me think of summer family gatherings. Working with buyers from western Iowa today and driving past Birdsall’s Ice Cream Store caused me to remember the smell of their store and of course the taste of a hot fudge malt. They said they wanted to go there today and sample their ice cream. I told them that they would likely be a new patron of that business. Do any of you remember the smell of exterior clothes when they were brought in from hanging outside to dry on a clothesline? We speak about going green so much but I can’t remember for the longest time reading about having a clothesline to save energy. I want everyone to try really hard to remember their most favorite summertime smells and then make a point to re-create them. Wouldn’t that be fun taking yourself back down another lane of memory?

Joe Chodur

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