Under the Radar

These past several days have been a roller coaster of events for me. Sunday evening has arrived and I am relatively proud for not allowing myself to be pulled into any toxic dramas. I could never understand and possibly never will the reason why some of my colleagues called Realtors try to set themselves up as heroes; be it either with their buyers or sellers. Wouldn’t it be a great and wonderful world if everyone would work towards a common good? Yesterday a gentleman cornered me after church and began talking to me after years and years of not speaking to me.

Hmmm….I thought to myself. Why now? I do know why and likely he doesn’t even remember how many times he chose to do business with someone else years after I did nothing but the best for him when he moved to Mason City. I perhaps am of a different stripe. I believe all real and lasting business relationships are built on trust. I will never forget some of the clients and customers of the past and how they wouldn’t even read some of the critical documents that I would place before them for signatures. One of them said to me once, “Don’t bother me with such details, if I didn’t trust you totally, I wouldn’t be seated before you.” My ultimate goal in any real estate transaction is for it to be as seamless and worry free as possible. As far as my buyers and sellers are concerned, I consider a job well done when the best surprise is NO surprise. That’s what happens when we work to stay on top of things and stay under the radar of drama.

Joe Chodur

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