Soap on a Rope

Something I am getting more and more disturbed about these past years is the language that is being used mostly in public and I’m sure even more in private.

What precipitated me to write about this is that about three weeks ago I was verbally attacked by someone who is a businessperson. The language coming out of that person’s mouth was not only appalling, it was shocking. I insisted the conversation was finished and walked away because that type of vulgarity for me is totally unacceptable. So much of the language used by the young comes from what they see and hear on the internet and television. I find that excusable because it is the copy cat way of the world we live in, but for older people and supposed to be mature people, using that type of language I don’t excuse. I’m no angel or saint but I continue to work at treating everyone the same or better than I would expect to be treated. It seems that in our times, the people that are the loudest and pushiest get where they want to be and don’t even have the credentials to deserve where they are. I have lived and worked by the words that came from a professor I had in college so many years ago. He said, “Talk is cheap but actions speak.” So, I would suggest that the next time you are in a store that sells soap on a rope, buy two of them. Purchase one for yourself when you’ve found yourself verbally out of control and the second one is a gift for the next person you encounter that has slipped into the abyss of vulgarity.

Joe Chodur

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