Turning Tides

Today one of my listings sold to a young person who had been looking at other properties but decided on one of mine that is an older two story. What I was the most surprised about were his comments about how he liked older homes better than the newer ones because they are built to last. He also owns an older vehicle that he takes great pride in maintaining. During our conversations he also mentioned how he at times is very ashamed of his generation. He spoke about the lack of work ethic, their feelings of being entitled, and how so many of them have no desire to save money. I told him that I admire his outlook on life and his over-all personality. Young people like him I would like to see arrive in Mason City by the busloads. We would then see Mason City and North Iowa enter into it’s long over-due Renaissance. Maybe, just maybe the tides of the mentality in our area are turning. Let us all encourage these thoughts.

Joe Chodur

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