My Memorial Day Tribute

Having grown up in a family that had family members that served in active duty, I can say that unless you have lived through the fear of them not coming home as well as their possibly being injured for life, no one can really understand the hardships that the Veterans and their families have endured on behalf of the people of the United States.

I read several articles these past months that really upset me. One talked about how so many Veterans are not finding work because they have not “learned” how to properly write a resume’ and subsequently fail to get interviews for jobs in the public sector.  Some of those people the article spoke about had gone above and beyond their normal military duties. I guess “Corporate America” really doesn’t understand how to look for leaders and workers.

The other article I read made me even more upset when I discovered that the Muslim captain of I think the Air Force that killed all those servicemen back in 2009, is still drawing his military salary and all the related benefits, yet the families of those he killed and injured are fighting to get enough money by which to even live.  Now that is WRONG! Here we had an extremist living in the United States who decided to go on a killing spree and yet he and his family enjoy all the monetary benefits the military can offer. Something has to change!

This brings me full circle back to what I have spoken about before. We absolutely must take care of each other in this country. Corporate America needs to forget about making more money by out-sourcing jobs to other countries so their balance sheets look better to their stockholders. I am a firm believer in the trickle down mentality when it comes to corporate understanding. When corporations truly comprehend that America and it’s citizens come first, then they will do everything they can to build their companies within our borders. What I can see so far, is that the more we have small local businesses taking a “bite” out of their profits, the more they will see what they’re doing wrong for our country.

Personally, I buy less and pay more because I prefer quality American made over quantity that was likely manufactured off shore. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Joe Chodur

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