A rare find in Mason City

I like doing value added services for clients and customers especially when they are beside themselves with chaos.  I spent three hours this afternoon helping a new owner of a building downtown clean out a crawl space that was likely not opened for many, many years.  Oh Mercy! The coal dust is one of my not so favorite things to get on my hands.  You wouldn’t believe what I found in that space likely the size of a small 7 x 10 bedroom.  I found a very, and I say very old woman’s chemise that has more strings on it than a violin, and most of all a light fixture shade that, after I washed it many times, has a patent and name on it from the year 1911.  It’s really heavy for not being so big yet it is going to re-unite itself with a brass fixture that I have saved from a building that was being torn down many years ago.  I get really excited about stuff that has been under the radar for decades.   We should all work at bringing hidden gems back to life.

Joe Chodur

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