Mean what you say

I had an encounter with several people today that were speaking about this and that concerning some decisions that were made. I listened and continued to listen and after they left, the more I thought about it, and piecing together in my mind the chain of events of the why and how those decisions were made, I thought to myself, “Hmmm, those people were not speaking the truth.” Either I have the memory of an elephant, or people don’t really remember what they have told someone in the past.

I had a very dear elementary school teacher that announced to the class that “You will always remember what you say as long as it’s the truth, but a lie is soon forgotten.” I guess yet another storm moving in to our area has caused me to become more sad about people who beat around the bush and tell half truths and even outright lies. After today, I will now be more guarded around those people I encountered this afternoon. On a happier note, I must tell you all another story. Several months ago a gentleman who was looking at a house with a customer I was working with started talking about his home. The more he talked, the more I was beginning to think I had been in his home many, many years ago when it was on the market. He was shocked that I could remember so much about that house after so many years.

I think I scared him a little bit because of my narration of the floor plan and condition of his home. Not to worry, I just remembered his home. I hope all of you go have a delightful experience in the Band Festival tomorrow. But, my going forward advice to you all is, “Say what you mean—always!”

Joe Chodur

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