The Egloff dilemma

Egloff-house-mason-city-iaI have been thinking, and thinking about how Mason City can truly preserve the historic homes in Oak Park that were purchased from the residents in the Flood Buyout Program. A light bulb went off with me this morning while I was driving thru that district. Why doesn’t somebody who is keen on preservation take a bit of time and create an Egloff Fund Drive. I’m sure that if it were a city-wide and county-wide drive that not just asks for money but educates the possible donators of funds about the significance of keeping those homes standing in our city. If I had suitcases full of cash, I would do it because I love Mason City and I don’t want to see any more destruction of beauty. I had dinner with an out of state architect and planner last evening who are from another State. One of the comments that the architect had after seeing some old photos of downtown Mason City was, “What has happened with Mason City? Your downtown was beautiful!” I was left speechless. I hope the time comes when we the residents of Mason City never have to make excuses for what we had and lost. Like I have said so many times in my life, “Many hands and minds make little work.” It’s not about “you” and it’s not about “me”, it must always be about “we”. Take the time to investigate the Egloff House. I love the front foyer.

Joe Chodur

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