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Several days ago I was working with repeat customers. While we were going from house to house we ended up on a conversation that was a repeat from too many years ago. We were talking about contractors. The wife giggled and said to me, “I remember, you always said you never hire a contractor that drives a big beautiful work truck.” I got a really good laugh that day because I couldn’t believe how she remembered a conversation from so many years ago. For me, that statement has held more true than not. Having been involved with so many projects, it seems to have become a standard for me. Just think about it. Why would anyone who is supposed to be more focused on doing the absolute best in their work be so possessed with a vehicle that is nothing more than carrier of equipment and tools?

Case in point. I had hired and referred for many years a gentleman and his son who were the most talented frame carpenters and finish carpenters that I had ever seen.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that they were more focused on doing the best job for their customers than what their vehicles looked like. They belonged to a group of very few who I never even asked for a quote or bid — I trusted them as well as they trusted me. I really do hope and very soon, that all the specialized fields of contractors learn that it’s not about what you drive or what you own, but rather the legacy of quality that you leave behind. By the way, that builder and his son drove a very simple white pick-up truck that was two weeks past needing to go thru the car wash.

Think about it…you’ll find comparisons.

Joe Chodur

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