The passing of a true Gentle Man…

Ramon_Santana_Quintero_1Today’s post is a tribute to a man whom I became acquainted with for a short period of time yet in that time was left with a lasting impression of a real self-less human being. How I met his was that I was referred to him to go out and visit with him about selling his home. From the very first meeting with him I could sense that he was not your typical elderly seller. He was soft spoken, articulate and seemed to always converse in an upbeat way.

I listed and sold his home in a relatively short period of time due to the care he took in the maintenance. Also, the floor plan was a custom design of the 1950’s era with larger than normal living room, dining room, and kitchen.

In visiting with one of his family members, I discovered that in his later years he started giving more and more to charities. I also found out thru another client that he was a great reader and they traded books that they had read. It seems like attracts like because his friend also visited with me about her possibly giving part of the proceeds of the sale of her home to charity.
Fast forward about 8 months. I was over to the nursing home to have some papers signed and discovered that my angel in disguise was now in a full care facility.

He was sitting in a wheelchair in the lounge. I went over to talk to him for a bit and could tell that he was sad. I whispered in his ear and said, “I know that you are an angel, but I haven’t told anybody yet.” He smiled and blushed and I told him that I would try to get over to see him when I had a chance. Not too long after that I found out that he passed.

Without a question, this man was one of the most selfless individuals I have ever met. In my card to the family I made sure that I mentioned that he was a true gentle man. I am honored to have known him for such a brief period of time. If we all could have taken lessons from him, I believe Mason City, North Iowa, and the world would be a better place right now.

Joe Chodur

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