Oh Mercy, Mercy!

Did I have the greatest laugh yesterday! I went to a closing a bit early and somehow we all got started on the subject of mice. One of the people in the room started telling a story about his mouse experience. Before I tell you this small story, I have to tell you that I have not laughed so hard, even to make me start sweating.

Well, he was saying that he lives on an acreage and there are lots of trees and ponds near him. One morning he got up and went downstairs to make coffee and noticed that he left his Irish Cream coffee creamer on the counter with the spout open. So, after the coffee was cooked, he went to pour his creamer into his cup and looked down and saw a white whiskered mouse head coming out of the bottle. He threw the bottle outside in hopes that the mouse would go back into the meadow where it came from. Well, as the story unfolds, he was looking to see if the mouse would crawl out of the bottle; and it did. But, one of the outside cats noticed it as well. He was mortified when he watched his cat wait until the white “Irish Cream” covered mouse started running towards the field when he gobbled it up like a early morning snack.

After my laughing ended, that’s all I could say was, “Looks like you have a cat that likes Irish Cream.”

Joe Chodur

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