The Greatest Compliment…

I’ve done a great deal of work over the years for the most delightful family who have given much to our community over at least 50 years. They are who I would consider the real “blue bloods” of our city. They don’t brag about their accomplishments, nor do they boast about how much money they have, as well as never speaking about their razor sharp minds.

This afternoon I went out to visit one of the extended family members about some real estate stuff. While I was waiting for her to get some things out of a file, I was noticing how charming her home was including the great views of the neighborhood. Later, during our conversation, she said to me, “Thank you Joe for finding this home for me, because I really do like where I live.” I sold her that home about 12 years ago and am so very happy that she is enjoying it year after year.

Being a Realtor to me is not just selling a house—it’s placing people where they will be the happiest. The greatest payback for me is knowing that I not only did my best for a client/customer at the time, but the synergy of the transactions live on in a very positive way.

Joe Chodur

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