Don’t Let them pull you Down…

Oh Mercy, Mercy! What a day I had today. From the time I arrived at the office until about 4:00 pm this afternoon it has been a case of experiencing the absolute worst of humanity.

Giving you all just one example, when I arrived at the office this morning which was VERY early, one of the business owners drove up next to my car when I was getting out, and began to basically “dump” on me about a property that I don’t own and am only helping the owners find a new and better tenant. I must tell you, I have never heard such vulgar and insulting language from an aging man who is likely 70+ years old. He was ABOSULTELY out of control and that’s all I could say to him was, “Just leave. This conversation has to stop!” If there were any people from the Manor who would have been out walking, they would have been mortified if they heard what he was saying to me.

After his last and most piercing words to me, he drove off haphazardly knowing that he crossed a line that most people would have never tolerated.

On a lighter side…

I remember telling my Mother not so many weeks ago that I will be the most delightful old man in the Nursing Home. The years and years of selling real estate, I have discovered that when men grow old, they either become delightful, or they become really naughty. Well, I encountered a very NAUGHTY man today and I will work to never be like him.

So after about six hours of internalizing about what he said to me, I said to myself, “Don’t let him pull you down.”

Joe Chodur

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