The Four Angles of a Street Corner

After having a superb gathering with my sisters this evening who were here in Mason City on a visit to our mother, I was reminded of the story about the “four angles of a street corner”.

If anyone of you grew up in a family of more than yourself as a child, you will find that each and every one of the children have their own version of what took place during those years of growing up together in the same house.

I learned many years ago from an English Professor that when understanding something you must visit all four corners of the intersection. By that I mean, you must place yourself in every angle of what you and possibly someone else perceives as being the truth.

When looking at a home here in Mason City, you must not look at what is presented or possibly “staged”, but rather the nuts and bolts of the home. For example, location, quality of construction, square footage, and condition. Too many people just visit the “staged” corner of reality and don’t visit the other corners.

So, when out looking for homes, don’t just stop and look both ways—look all four ways.

Joe Chodur

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