It really Quacked me up

Just another confirmation that humans and animals are more closely related than we would ever want to think.

Early this morning, while I was at my desk, I looked up and noticed something moving in the street. When I got up and walked to the front where the big windows are, I discovered a pair of ducks waddling across the street towards my office. I couldn’t help but notice that the female was walking ahead of the male; every move she made, he would follow. They crossed the sidewalk and the female walked right up to my window and tapped on it with her beak. I know she was doing this because she could see the greenery in my window. She continued to stare into the office for at least a minute and the decided to waddle on to the building next door. Just as the male who was following her was almost out of my sight, looked back at me and I’m sure if he could talk would be saying with his eyes, “Don’t mind my wife, she’s just looking for a new home.” Well, as I have said for years and I know this sounds sexist, “Happy wife, happy home.”

That sight this morning really quacked me up!

Joe Chodur

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