The tale of two buyers…

When yours truly entered the world of real estate sales so terribly many years ago, I found that the young buyers were filled with vision and the willingness to make something out of nearly nothing. Today we call it “sweat equity”. I find that those buyers are now becoming fewer and farther between. I ask myself, “Is it because we are becoming so terribly specialized in our abilities, or are we becoming more slothful?”

Case in point, I have been working with several charming young couples that have all of the income and brainpower to make nearly anything from nothing. But, they seem to be resistive about purchasing a home that need slightly more than just the cosmetic upgrades. I think to myself, “Hmmm… You are a young family, both spouses are working, likely going to have bumps in the road in you income, and yet you strap yourselves to a mortgage that will hold you hostage for 20 – 30 years!” Whatever happened to starting out with something cheaper and working towards something better? I am a firm believer that society in general has convinced us that we must have instant gratification. To what do we have to look forward if we have everything now?

Joe Chodur

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