boxelder-bugAs Spring and summer is approaching, I couldn’t help but think forward of people complaining about their problem with bugs. Often times when showing homes I happen to notice bottles of insect repellants and bug killers. I can’t believe how the general population have become so paranoid about bugs. Many of the exterminators have made good livings with the number of customers they have serviced over the years.

There are a number of natural remedies to control most insect problems. My first and foremost suggestion is to keep your living area as clean as possible. I don’t mean vacuuming once a week and wiping off the countertops. I mean real deep cleaning where every surface is gone over. Insects seem to enjoy not being disturbed when multiplying and feeding.

First let’s talk about ants. Did you know that ants eat what we eat? If the tiniest crumb is left on the floor it becomes a banquet for ants. Believe me, when their feeding grounds are plenty, they send scouts back to their nests and bring friends and relatives. I will never forget showing a home once years ago where the people were not the best of housekeepers. There was a piece of cake on a small plate on the countertop. As I looked closer, there were thousands of tiny ants on the cake and as I followed the line of ants, their path ran up the kitchen cabinet, along the trim boards and back down to the floor and thru a small hole. That was really scary. I assure you there were thousands of them. With that said, it’s best to keep all food put away in air tight containers as well as refrigerated. No need to be inviting unwanted guests.

The next subject is cockroaches. Cockroaches are again insects that will eat nearly anything and feed at night. Most people don’t know that if you sprinkle a trail of borax all around the inside perimeter of your basement floor and main floor, it will detract nearly any type of insect including cockroaches. When they get borax on their feet it sticks to them and they can’t get it off and borax which is alkaline gets into their system.

Believe me, they don’t like it. Centipedes which often come up the drains are equally affected by borax. Remember, you can buy borax in the laundry section as it is a laundry enhancer. Fleas are another story. That’s all I can say is to take preventative measures before your home is infested with them. Make sure your dogs and cats are checked often for fleas.

My all time favorite bug is the boxelder. They not capable of biting. They move slowly and normally look for a drop of water or two to siphon into their system. I can’t believe how people freak out when they see them. I think they’re cute. In closing, make sure you take more preventative as well as natural steps to keep the bugs out of your home. It better for our environment.

Joe Chodur

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