Reeling in the Blue Zone

While I was working for a little bit in the back of my office today, I had a great idea. Since I remember ways that used to be, I started allowing my mind to wander. Thinking about possibilities for change and the end effects of that change.

I purchased from an elderly client a newer reel type push mower that she used to mow her yard before she was unable to do it anymore. Keep in mind, she was in her late 80’s. I didn’t have any use for it at the time but thought it to be in too of good shape to pass up. I remember many summers mowing yards of the elderly for spending money with these types of mowers. Well, after I moved a year later over to my existing building, I found that my reel mower was indeed going to be put to use. I didn’t want anything combustable in my building so it made even more sense to use it to mow the green area behind my office. Most people don’t realize how well they mow. Some of the ones I used when young even had grass catchers. They are light and easy to maneuver and the cut is very clean and even. The sparrows really like picking thru the cuttings for seeds and bugs. They make me smile when I watch them.

Getting back to the reason for talking about the reel mowers. I remember many a time when during the summer, the husbands would be out with their reel mowers either in the evenings after work or on Saturdays. Back in those days you rarely seen young men and women overweight. When the motorized machines arrived in our world that do nearly everything for us have helped to cause a weight problem.

I do hope the people of Mason City and North Iowa get themselves standardized with a different way of caring for their homes and lawns. A little extra physical labor is good, and believe me, it helps our environment. Who wants to listen to a noisy mower and smell exhaust fumes?

I would love to see Mason City’s residents starting to “reel mow” in the Blue Zone.
I found a German company that sells quite nice ones here in the States. Click on the above YouTube and see for yourself.

Joe Chodur

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