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Sharing knowledge is rewarding. There are so many people who know much but don’t want to share because they believe that with that knowledge gives them extra power. Such a selfish idea when they really must understand that we all must attempt to work together in the job of living. One of my customers asked be about a week ago if I knew a plumber to call to get his shower heads working.

I asked him what was wrong. He said that the water doesn’t spray like it should. I told him he didn’t need a plumber but rather unscrew the shower head and soak it in some white vinegar because it was likely limed up. The acid in the vinegar will dissolve the lime. I also told him that it can be used around faucets and other areas of the kitchen and bath that have lime build-up. I received an e-mail from him today thanking me for the great tip because now after acting on my suggestions, his shower heads are working just fine now and also said he hated using so many different cleaners because of all the ingredients in them. I remember so well helping my parents wash windows with just vinegar and water. They were just as clean as a window washed with a name brand window cleaner. I laugh to myself when I show someone a home that has a linoleum floor in the kitchen or bathroom that has yellowed. I tell them that if they would scrub it very well with ammonia and water and give it a good rinse, it will likely look just like new. One of the big things that most people don’t know about is something a custom builder told me many years ago about keeping ceramic tile clean. He told me that using commercial tile grout cleaners is a waste of money when a person should just use pure oil soap maybe once or twice a year. You just wipe it all over the tile and leave it stand over night then wash it off. When I did it for the first time I was shocked. The tile and grout looked just like new. He said the oil in the soap helps to protect the grout from getting water logged. These are just a few tips that I hope I can share over the course of posting my articles. Just because it isn’t advertised on the television doesn’t mean that it’s bad—it just doesn’t make big businesses money.

Protecting our ourselves and our environment is what Going Green is all about.

Joe Chodur

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