Evening Breezes

What a wonderful day just happened today. The sun shined nearly all day today with only a few drops of rain. I mentioned to one of the attorneys today that someone must have done something really bad here in North Iowa because we are getting continually pounded with rain. I can’t remember ever being so anxious about rain as I have been this year. It just doesn’t “feel” right. Since the water table is at the level it was during the flood of 2008, I just hope and pray that we don’t get a storm that will create another flood like we not so long ago endured. I remember that Sunday morning like it was yesterday and don’t want a repeat version. This evening is a welcome relief with no rain, lower humidity and rays of sun reaching through the trees. I have shared this idea with people in the past and I truly believe it works. If each of us have our own space in the home as well as our own private garden, then we have created a four season sanctuary. I think sometimes the people in this world do the things they do because they don’t have their own sanctuary where they can let their hair down, rest and reflect. Living in the new generation of “look at me” has a price. Everyone should wake up every morning, stand in front of their bathroom mirror and attempt to ask themselves if they are truly happy. Who cares what anyone else thinks. I care about what we think of ourselves without the external pressures of friends and family. I asked a young buyer this afternoon a similar question.

I said to him, “I am sure there is something that you know that you are really good at but everyone else thinks not. And if they would argue with you for hours and hours and you still, after enduring their harassment, consider yourself better than the average bear in that ability, then you must do it.” We all really do know very deep down what ability we have of which the world waits. In closing, I am going outside and absorb the evening breezes. In this time, they are priceless.

Joe Chodur

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