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Later this afternoon I bumped into a past client of mine and we played catch up on what’s been happening with each other’s lives. She mentioned that she reads some of these articles and said she wished she could have responded on the one that I talked about children becoming more specialized in their fields and not knowing how to do the basic home repairs. She said it was her parents fault for not teaching her some of the basic day to day problems that her parents knew how to take care of but didn’t pass their knowledge on to their children. I’m glad she was very frank about that and as I was thinking about it, she’s right. Most parents now are so busy with their work as well as their children’s school activities as well as continually, in a subtle way, enabling them and not even considering the future consequences their children will have to endure because of their not acquiring a broad knowledge of how things work in our world. I had a younger client call me not long ago and say, “I have water coming in my kitchen cabinets when it rains.” I instantly thought about his one story home and where the kitchen is located. After about 10 seconds, I said to him, “There must be a kitchen vent that is going up thru the roof that is not properly sealed.” I told him he HAD TO get someone out to his house and get that corrected. Some weeks later I ran into him and he told me that I was right about the water problem. My advice for parents is to take away the toys and the game boards and set them free to explore and learn. We do live in a society that speaks continually about individuality and finding one’s self. I would rather see families becoming teams, communities becoming teams, and indeed our country working as a team. When it comes to getting things done, many hands and many minds make very little work.

Joe Chodur

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