Plant a Seed and it will grow…

After these weeks and weeks of cold weather and rain, today seems to be the true first day of Spring. Now it’s time to focus on creating a small space in our yards for the vegetables that will grace our summer and fall tables. For me, time in the garden is my getaway from the problems of the world. I often find myself completely oblivious to time when I am out there.

Having been familiar with growing vegetables since an early age and tasting the end product, I discovered that I am really terribly fussy about what I find acceptable and what I refuse to eat. Not to put down the grocery stores because I know they do their best at trying to keep fresh produce, but their products and what you can grow all by yourself will show a marked difference in taste and texture.

If you are a beginner, don’t give up if you find mistakes made in what type of veggies are best suited for your garden. Trial and error is the best way to learn and explore your garden’s growing abilities. There are shelves of books on growing home gardens and it seems everyone has something to say about the “how to” grow the biggest and the best. Not to worry about being the best; just do what you find works the best for you.

I truly enjoy visiting with clients and customers about their gardens and their tricks of growing bigger and better vegetables. I guess this is yet one more reason why I love my job and serving the buyers and sellers of Mason City and North Iowa.  With care and attention, I can assure you all that if you plant a handful of seeds, you will have a garden you never would have imagined you could help create.

Joe Chodur

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