Out of the puddles and into the ponds

Will these days of cold and rain never cease? North Iowa has indeed been blessed and cursed this with arctic air. I listed a charming home today in between rain drops that I really had to work at getting good photos in such wet and darkness. After looking at the photos, I thought to myself, “You will have to go back after these days of being over-cast to take new photos.”

I have to tell you all a heart-felt story about this home. My Mother and Step-Father used to see the owners of this home on a regular basis. One day some years ago, my Mother told me that one of the owners of the home I just listed said to her, “When I get ready to sell my home, I want your son to sell it.” Stepping forward in time, I received a call from the Executor of the Estate yesterday telling me that his Mother told him before She died that She wanted me to sell her home. So, as a respectful son, he followed her instructions. Over all these years of selling homes for people, that is one thing I do with a vengeance, “Do the absolute best for an estate.” We all die and, we are all forgotten but, to not follow the wishes of a decadent is a really bad “karma” thing that I don’t ever want to experience.

So, on a brighter side, if we are left with ponds after the rains, lets raise ducks and geese!

Joe Chodur

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