Sundays should be Simple

Yet another day in the life of yours truly. I had to drive out of town to get some documents signed today. Oh how terrible the rain and wind. But the positive side, the long drive gave me time to think about what I would write about today.

So many people go to great lengths to get their homes prepped for viewing by prospective buyers. The one thing they nearly always neglect is the spotlessness. A truly clean home will always sell above all. Haven’t understood yet after all these years how buyers can “sense” home that has been cleaned without resign. For years, I have noticed it with prospective buyers and prospective tenants. They seem to be able to sense cleanliness. Don’t ask me how. So, I pose this challenge to everyone out in the cyber universe. Instead looking for somewhere to go or something to do outside of your home on a Sunday, how about taking one Sunday a month off from your outside of the home activities and stay home all day and clean, clean and clean. You will step back and realize that a simple Sunday of cleaning with your wife or husband was created greater value in your relationship and as a bonus, the higher value of your home. My advice stands—set aside one Sunday a month for a fun family cleaning/maintenance of your home and you will see how you have maintained/increased value in your residence.

And that’s the truth!

Joe Chodur

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