Hill-perched Diamond

Fortunately the sun finally returned after yesterday’s wild storms. I wasn’t the least bit surprised when seeing in the news there having been a tornado touch down north of Rockford, as when I looked to the east several times while out, those clouds appeared very menacing. I even mentioned it to one of my colleagues yesterday afternoon, and wouldn’t you know, they got hit. Fortunately there were no casualties.

I was a little late getting to office due to my having to check on a few properties and then place a for sale sign, and when I did arrive, I had enough to keep me busy until my mid-morning appointment showed up. You cannot imagine how hard I’ve been working at keeping a sale together which happens to be my “problem child” listing. When I refer to “problem child”, it’s my coined description of the many near sales I’ve had on it, along with endless problems with a mortgage company. With most listings and sales in these times, they’re usually smooth-going from start to finish, but not this one. Unfortunately, we all have those thankless situations requiring more work, patience and endurance.

My mid-morning appointment was to meet with the administrators of their father’s estate which just so happened to contain an acreage to sell. A number of months ago I’d been out there for an inspection, and after a long break, I was called to list it, so before meeting with them this morning, I took a quick trip out there to yesterday afternoon, just to refresh my memory. When they arrived, I went over all the documents needing their initials and signatures, and after we agreed on a price, I had them sign everything. We had a nice visit before they left, and before walking out, I assured them I’d have it out in the cyber universe before sunset.

The acreage I listed, is located at 10089 – 230th St., Clear Lake, which happens to be a good three miles south on Jonquil Ave. from the intersection of Jonquil and Hwy 106. As far as acreages in our area, I believe it’s a rare find due to there being over five acres of land which is filled with old-growth trees. The homesite sits on a small hill which offers panoramic views of the countryside, and since it’s not on a busy road, there’s enough privacy to satisfy just about anyone who’s looking to get out of Dodge.

There’s an old dilapidated two-story home on the property, a small workshop, another building and a small grain bin. I took enough time today to get a good “feel” for the place, and believe you me, I could see that being turned into one beautiful setting amongst those trees. Most don’t realize until they’ve built on a bare patch of ground, how many years it takes to create shade. I counted at least seven varieties of trees growing there which makes for a charming blend of diversity. The well that’s on the property was in use up until the gentleman passed, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s more than deep enough to fit the needs of someone wanting to build a new home.

With the prices of acreages and farmland spiking this year, I’m convinced the asking price of $82,500 is well within the range of its value. Come tomorrow morning, we’ll see how many prospective buyers and other Realtors will be calling to schedule showings. The close proximity to Mason City and Clear Lake should be the real incentive for those who’re working in either one of our communities. I’m just hoping whomever does buy it, takes special care when clearing out brush and trimming trees. There’s a giant Catalpa tree in the dooryard which is remarkable. If you should know anyone looking to move to the country, please tell them about it and have them give me a call. I have a “feeling” it’s not going to last in this market, because we’re even getting people from out of State with suitcases full of cash looking for country homes. I’m going to refer to that listing as my “hill-perched diamond in the rough.”

When I got back from placing my sign and taking a few more photos, it was time to meet a tradesperson at a property owned by one of my clients. She’s been having problems with her overhead door, so I agreed to show up. It only took one look for that worker to see one of the springs were broken, so it looks like she’ll be shelling out a few bucks to get it replaced. I placed the call and told her about the situation, and then got the go-ahead to get it fixed.

My afternoon showing was at a rickety little house in the Downtown area which had been subjected to a very many years of abuse, and believe me, it showed. The last occupant must’ve had some real anger issues, as well as a penchant for turning everything he touched into chaos. I laughed a little when telling my buyer that our City Assessor’s Office has its year built as being 1900 which makes it 30+ years younger than it really is. Of course I’ve come to realize that just about anything built prior to 1915, they have branded as being built in 1900. Wow! There must’ve been armies of builders building houses all over out City that year. Now if you believe that, you’ll believe just about anything you read or hear. Several days ago I looked at a home which our City Assessor says it contains exactly 200 square feet more than that actually has. Now how can they make such glaring mistakes because 200 square feet is equal to a 10 x 20 room, and keep in mind, part of our tax assessments, are based on value per square footage. I encourage all of you to check and make sure their office has the correct information about your home, as you could likely be paying more real estate taxes than necessary.

Before heading home, I stopped at one of my listings and placed a sold sign on it, just so the neighborhood would know it’s going to close. Tomorrow morning, I’ll be placing another one atop another sign of mine. Yes, our market is still cranking away, which means I gotta keep making hay while the sun shines. Please don’t forget about my new acreage listing.

Tonight’s One-liner is: It’s never to late to have everything in life you want, if you would just help other people get what they want.

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