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Thank goodness the sun was shining today because I was beginning to wonder if we were entering the realm of Water World. I did look at the weather forecast and it sounds like we may be getting some severe storms beginning late tomorrow, and then another possibility toward the weekend. At least the meteorologists are predicting no vortex conditions for this coming winter. Yeah! I’ll be tickled pink if that comes true because the one we had last winter was beyond scary.

We did manage to get that sale put together I was working on over the weekend, and glad for it because there are all the fewer 3 bedroom homes to choose from in certain price ranges. Alas the sellers must’ve realized that winter is coming and there being the possibility that another offer their home being months away.

The closing on 908 N. Pennsylvania went well today, and thank goodness Cent Credit Union was able to move the closing up to accommodate the seller who was only going to be in town this morning, and if it didn’t happen, she’d have a roundtrip ten hour drive if we couldn’t get it closed until October 1st.

I’m exceptionally happy an owner-occupant purchased it because I have a great fear about that district becoming dense with rentals. Of the few that are there, those particular landlords take pretty good care of them which makes a huge difference. For the strangest of reasons, Oak Park Addition to Mason City has always been a good market area for me, and over the years I’d say I’ve sold at least 60% or more of all the homes that are located in those blocks. It sounds a bit unbelievable, but it’s true.

I was shocked when the owner decided to do a drastic price reduction on The Lady Bug Restaurant in Clear Lake today. I officially lowered it from $225K down to $186K. Now that deep discount should certainly get someone to take notice because of its location and “Highway Commercial” zoning. With all the new build-outs they’re doing over near the Interstate, there has to be some savvy investor who’ll see the future value of that near one acre parcel. In spite of the faux gossip I’ve been hearing about that restaurant, today’s price reduction should get someone to realize it’s a steal of a deal.

You can believe I’m very happy this past weekend is finally over because I had some really quirky things happening which were great tests of my patience, and it all centered around some particular buyers that were flip-flopping from one property to another. One day they were determined to buy, and the next day they weren’t, and then off to another one they wanted. It finally ended up that they found a place to rent, so now the whole thing’s off. Talk about the swings of a pendulum! I’d say it’s been years since I’ve had to deal with such vacillations, and then in the end, all those hours and days being spent for naught. I do hope the next time they get the “itch” to buy, they’ll contact one of my naughty competitors.

The young couple I showed a gorgeous home to yesterday, called this afternoon asking if they could get a copy of the seller’s disclosure and possibly take another look at it. It would be great if they end up with that home because there aren’t that many to be found in such a location and especially the exceptionally well-done updates that were made. There’s no question I could easily live in that home.

Tomorrow or Wednesday, I’ll have to put another “hat” on and go over to St. Paul Lutheran to practice the music I was given for a Service I’m scheduled to play. I’m pretty sure I know all they gave me except for one which I’ll have to work on. It makes me smile sometimes when finding how different persuasions use the same melodies but switch titles and lyrics. There’ve be times when I was certain I didn’t know a hymn, but when playing thru it once, I recalled it being just like a familiar having a completely different title and words. Since so many of those old standards aren’t under copyright, it happens more than I would’ve ever considered.

The inspection period on one of my sales is near over, so it looks like my sellers will be making a decision on one of the homes they’ve been looking at. We’ve been holding off on moving forward because a person never knows what a home inspector is going to come up with when digging in every nook and cranny of a home. Both the buyers and sellers have been great to work with, and as that loan progresses, I’ll continue to remain confident it’ll have an easy closing.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The best way to keep your friends is not to give them away.

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