The Rise of Acedia

Unfortunately we didn’t see the sun today, but at least the temperature rose above freezing which made our gray day more bearable. Oh how the wind has been blowing!

Upon arriving Downtown this morning, I noticed a few cars with overnight parking tickets on them which indicated there were some who thought it better to get a ride home instead of driving after having consumed far too much giggle water.

I’d say the hours of my day were mostly consumed by making a few personal phone calls, getting my office in order for the work week ahead, and putzing around with inconsequential things that usually get put off until there’s nothing better to do.

I called one of my friends just to let him know all was well since I hadn’t caught up with him over the Holidays.  It sounded like he and his wife had a great Christmas with the arrival of relatives who’d traveled a great distance to be with them.

He’d asked if I’d made any New Year’s resolutions like many others do, and all I could say was, “I made none because I worked all the harder at burying all the hurts people had intentionally inflicted on me during 2018.”  I went on to tell him about that photo on my journal page which I posted on New Year’s Eve, and how it became symbolic in how I buried all the pains that were intentionally inflicted on me by others in 2018.  He thought that was the best of ways to mentally deal with those who have nothing better to do with their lives.

I couldn’t help but think all the more about a conversation I had yesterday with one of the visitors of my open house.  He said he’d pretty much given up on looking for something in Clear Lake because of how over-priced that community is when comparing it in general to North Iowa’s real estate market.  Because of not being from this area, he’s stepped back and looked at the whole picture of Clear Lake and believes they’re trying to put themselves in line with the prices of homes in expensive suburbs of say Minneapolis/St. Paul, but they don’t really work that hard at it with the way people keep their homes and lawns, and especially the public areas, and also their incomes aren’t even close to what they are in those metro areas.

Now don’t think me bashing Clear Lake because I’m not, but what I don’t understand, is how people justify paying so much more to live over there when their incomes are on the same level as Mason City’s.  There are definitely not double pay scales for people who work here and live there versus those who live here and work there.  I personally have no idea how people with modest incomes can afford to live in Clear Lake.

Just yesterday I looked up several comparable properties in Clear Lake, and what sticker shocked me the most was seeing the assessed values on those homes.  One in particular is assessed at least $100K higher than a similar size, age, and location of a property here in Mason City.  For all the hoopla over living in Clear Lake versus Mason City, I’d say those who’re promoting that idea are turning it into a “botique” community where there’s no substantive reason for their prices to be so much higher.  My last words to yesterday’s buyer was, “I only hope we don’t have any big bumps in North Iowa’s economy because Clear Lake will definitely be hit the hardest.”

Since the arrival of 2019, I’ve been paying special attention to the way in which many in the general public have been conducting themselves.  Far too often I find people within groups and even families freely allowing words and actions which in past years would’ve been considered totally unacceptable, yet in these times, those actions are being condoned.

I must remind everyone that we’re seeing a marked rise in acedia within our general public which as far as I’m concerned, is just as bad as those who’re perpetrating such evil.  When we speak of acedia which is in the same pew as apathy, we’re talking about condoning something in silence, so when we don’t speak out against evil thoughts, words, and deeds, then we’re giving all the more license to those who’re doing it.

Before ending the conversation with my friend this morning, I informed him that this year I’m going to be all the more vocal whenever I see or hear wrongs that are being done to others because I refuse to be pigeon-holed as yet another human with a give-a-shite regard for the world around me.  I may be sounding a bit un-forgiving but if we continue to allow such actions to continue, we’ll be seeing all the darker days in our not so distant futures.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  I have found the best way to give advice to children, is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it.

Joe Chodur

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