Chronic Combative Disorder

Another real estate day in the life of yours truly came and went with a few memorable happenings which have been stored safely away in my “hard drive”.  One of the many blessings and curses I have, is that if I’m listening to someone say something to me, it gets hard-coded, and once in a while, when after enough time has passed, that same person whom I was listening to, has a turn-about and begins arguing with me about what was initially said.  I’ll never be able to understand how it is that people can’t remember what they’ve said to another–especially when they realize you are listening to them.  Some years ago, a familiar at the time, considered people like that being mindless idiots who babble on without thinking, and do it for one reason only–to be making noise.  At the time, I thought that sort of description a bit radical, but there are times when I’m in agreement with that belief.

Over the weekend I ended up getting into a bit of a confrontation of sorts with a tenant who’s been getting all the more lax in getting his rent paid on time.  Most people who know me would likely say I’m about as lenient as any self-professed social progressive, but when there’s a pattern created that starts going south, I hit the brakes and take a stand.  I’ve learned many years ago that if a tenant can’t fulfill the basic landlord/tenant requirements, it’s time for them to either shape up or ship out.  At one point in time over the years I’ve said this to nearly every tenant which I believe sums it up, which is, “I’m the nicest landlord you’ll ever want to meet, but if you start playing games, you’ll find I’ve replaced “the nicest” with “the hardest”.  This idea was borne from my belief that we personally don’t owe anyone a free ride.  That’s what our State and Federal government agencies are for, and since our tax dollars go to fund those agencies, we’d find ourselves having been “double-dipped” if we allowed it.

On another subject.  Please oh please, if any of you know someone in Clear Lake who’s thinking about selling their home, please give me a call or shoot me an email.  I have a buyer in the $150K – $180K range who’s already pre-approved.  It would be a quick and easy sale for a seller.  I’m growing all the more disgusted with Clear Lake’s market again this year.  It’s starting to remind me of a “feeding frenzy” of sharks where they’re eating anything in sight just because all the other sharks are going crazy.  I’m not wishing it, but there will be a pulling back of values over there simply because of affordability.  Household incomes are not going up in North Iowa at the rate of their property prices, and we all know you can only stretch a dollar so far.  If there’s one thing that goes to my bones, is seeing young families struggle to keep their financial heads above water.

Several times today, I was in conversation with two different people who seemed to be completely irrational to the point where I was ready to hang up on them.  I know everyone has their bad days, but those two were off the charts.  No matter how calm and collected I would speak, the accusations and name-calling continued to where I went to my last resort by saying nearly nothing until they finally realized I wasn’t going to allow them to pull me into their abusive verbal dramatics.  The one who was the most out in left field, finally gave up and hung up on me.

After thinking about that conversation, I’ve come up with a new medical term for such people living amongst us, which is, “Chronic Combative Disorder”.  I’m sure you’ve all have crossed paths with them, so now you can freely use my new term whenever describing them.  Perhaps it’s another self-help group that’s in need of being established in North Iowa.  Let’s call it Chronic Combative Disorder Anonymous.  You may soon be hearing someone on the street casually saying to another, “Oh, did you know that he/or she has CCD?”.

Tonight’s on-line is:  It is better to be a big duck in a little pond, than a little duck in a big pond.

Joe Chodur

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