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Primitive Sense

The public open house I had today at 15 N. Ohio here in Mason City was far more of a success than I'd expected.  Likely the sun being out and no more wind was a big help.  With the sun being low in the sky, the whole house was filled with it's warming light. I was quick to point out how the main living area being so open, allows natural light to … continue reading

Mega Beaver Moon

The highlight of my day was getting a call from a seller informing me he’s ready to list.  With our market still cruising along, I’m glad to be able to continue replacing listings that have recently sold. There are several other ones in the pipeline which should be coming on in the next weeks. Someone asked me how my year has been thus far and … continue reading

Grapes of Wrath

When the sun rises tomorrow morning, all of this election “gooey gunk” will be finally over. I’m still in disbelief how many nasty statements were made and actually went to press. There’s got to be some straightening out along with raising the bar on what is acceptable and what isn’t while on campaign trails. There’s been way too much s … continue reading

Charging into Battle

I’ll hopefully be posting a listing tomorrow which I believe will sell relatively fast simply because yours truly has already been quite taken by its exterior style and floor plan. It’s a home that’s caught my eye many times over these long years and having been blessed with the opportunity to sell it, I’m exceptionally delighted. It’s no … continue reading

Dogged Determination

It's amazing when looking for what one would believe to be the most common of items to replace, you find yourself looking everywhere including online, and ending at dead ends.  I think there's some great conspiracy taking place with manufactures to where if you need to have a common item replaced, you have to go back to that manufacturer.  As my … continue reading

Who Fixes the Fixer?

Tomorrow is the Memorial Service for Norma Heiny which is being held at the First United Methodist Church here in Mason City.  Having known and worked with her over the years, I can say without question she was a very kind, loving, caring, and above all, an exceptionally community minded person.  When I was visiting her not so many years ago, I j … continue reading

Random Destinations

This early morning was interesting when being outside and seeing the sky and feeling the air. I couldn’t tell if it was to be a gray day or if another storm was moving in as it has been these past weeks with those arrivals of unexpected rain storms.  With it being a Sunday morning, I decided to take a little time off for myself and a drive to a … continue reading

Sharp Blade

I was delighted to find so many people in attendance at my open house today and a number of them showing interest.  I said to more than one, “This well built home has been under the radar long enough and has come to the time for 1029 - 12th NE to be sold.”  I shared with several of them a few ideas I have about changing some things on the int … continue reading

Standing in Line for 1029

I’m so very happy as well as thankful for it being an absolutely gorgeous day and also having had three closings which all took place without any last minute hitches.  In these days of more government regulations concerning disclosure to buyers, it can be a bit harrowing in attempting to get homes to close on time.  All three of them did so whi … continue reading

Two Men and a Cat

Early this morning I was abruptly startled while driving North on S. Carolina just past the stoplights. What should jump right out in front of me?  Two full grown deer!  If I were driving a little faster, I would’ve hit one of them.  I’ve known them to be in the River Heights area because they take cover along those abandoned railroad tracks … continue reading