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Going Greener With Glass

With the real estate market now at full throttle, I’ve been diligent in keeping all my appointments in order and thankfully I haven’t missed one yet.  In finding more young first time buyers out these past weeks, I’ve been all the more helpful in getting them on the right track as far as what to look for in their first homes.  Later this af … continue reading

Bread and Butter

Yeow! This cold wind has been quite a reminder of a month or two past.  I was kiddingly telling one of my customers how if while wearing my long black overcoat today, had I spread my arms wide, I'd likely of started sailing off like a bat.  Speaking of bats.  I was in the basement of a vacant building most recently and had my breath nearly taken … continue reading

Happy Easter of 2016

Certainly everyone has had a great Easter Sunday between attending Paschal Services, getting together with family or friends, and possibly being invited to an Easter Egg Hunt and watching the sometimes comical searchings of the children.  I’m sure everyone’s been invited to Easter dinners having been prepared by someone close.  Yes, the memor … continue reading

The French Woman’s Lover

It’s absolutely amazing how we went from about four inches of heavy snow on the ground this morning to dry streets, sidewalks, and green grass.  I felt sorry for the Robins fluttering about as if they were out of their elements.  I wasn’t surprised to find the trees covered with ice this morning.  I was parked under a tall one this afternoon … continue reading

The Will to Live

Today was another one of those day’s where I found myself being one of those people of whom I spoke before who can at the push of an internal button be transformed into a courier, a carrier, a design consultant, a listener, an advocate, and a public commentator.   That was me today and possibly a few more.  There were a few memorable highlight … continue reading


It never seems to fail whenever I have a longer than normal appointment out of town, my cell phone rings or pings with text messages, as well as upon arrival back to the office, there are even more urgent messages on my answering machine.  Today was no exception.  If there is but one human trait I despise the most, it’s the dramatizing of busin … continue reading

Swiss Sugar Cookies

It's always very interesting to find how sometimes in conversations strictly based upon the business at hand, some people will veer off onto subjects that can be a bit hair raising and even to the point of one's face becoming red.  Whenever I've discovered my face turning red from something being heard, I do try to take it to the bright side and c … continue reading

The Mysterious Wake

Every so often when showing an older home to a buyer, a question will be asked of me which I rarely would have the true answer for simply because of the age of the home and not knowing the full history of the previous owners. That question usually goes something like this, “Do you know if anyone died in this house?” Now that is a very broad que … continue reading

The Hamlet

Once upon a time there was a little boy who moved with his family to what seemed to him then, the edge of civilization. His previous home was comfortable and safe and the children who lived nearby were about as normal as could be expected for the times. Everyone seemed to show respect for each other and their parents were those cookie-cutter stereo … continue reading