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Sound Investment Strategy

With there becoming a greater shortage of well cared for homes for rent in Mason City these past several years, I have come to the conclusion that this would be a great time for people to start investing in perhaps one or two single family homes here to compliment their long term investment strategies. If any of you would do a calculation on what y … continue reading

Sometimes I’m convinced

There are a few rare times every so often that I have a listing that just won’t sell.  The sellers reduce the prices to bargain basement status and still they don’t sell.Other homes in the area often sell for much more with fewer qualities and still that stubborn listing sits on the market. With that said, I am nearly convinced that these t … continue reading

Visionaries among us

I had an open house today where arrived a forty something couple who took a keen interest in the home. It wasn’t your normal walk thru like most prospective buyers. They not only looked at what was there as far as features, but also talked about making a room opening larger, redesigning the kitchen, and adding an egress window in the finished bas … continue reading

Upside down and Right side up

It was quite the interesting day today. I had an appointment this morning to inspect a home that the owner has since moved out of and now living hours from Mason City. I could see that there had been a number of recent improvements but also some deferred maintenance due to the home being vacant. It has an interesting floor plan than must have been … continue reading

Another Mason City success story

Having added a new Realtor to Holtz Realty last week, I did a quick inventory of office supplies and decided that I needed to make a trip to the office supply store.While I was there, a past client that I hadn’t seen in several years approached me to play catch up on happenings in our lives. Her and her ex-husband were clients of mine for many … continue reading

Absolute Best Buy in Mason City…

The three words we have always remembered in buying or selling real estate are as follows: location, location and location. Seems this home has been under the radar for buyers because likely they haven’t dropped down in price with their on-line searches. 103 S. Carolina is in the heart of Mason City’s sought after districts. It’s bank owned, … continue reading

The Wild, Wild Week…

For some years now I stopped saying “I’ve seen it all”, because whenever I did something even more shocking happened. With that said, this past week has been quite the roller coaster of events. Being a seasoned Realtor, I have learned to keep my wits about me during crisis situations. An unfortunate event happened in the home of a client just … continue reading

It’s a wonderful Life…

I visited with a delightful younger couple today who are preparing their home to be listed for sale. They are a perfect example of homeowners who truly care about their home and have made the correct improvements. What impressed me the most was that they are extremely clean and somewhat minimalists. Too much “stuff” in a home can detract buyers … continue reading

Is it time to buy?

This past year and a half I have noticed here in Mason City a real spike in the shortage of well maintained homes and apartments for rent. The rentals that are available seem to be overpriced for what I would consider to be market rent. So many times over the years of working with first time buyers, I have found the fear factors with tenants who ar … continue reading

Another desk is filled…

Today was the first day in the life of real estate for my new sales agent. His name is Brandon Neve. He's a native of Mason City so I'm sure many of the residents here know him or someone in his family. He is very pleasant and knowledgeable. I have personally known him for about 5 years and have always thought he would make a good agent. His people … continue reading