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True wishers of well

In between the showers this morning I managed to sell my new listing located at 939 N. Delaware Ave here in Mason City. It didn't surprise me that it sold so quickly. It needs work but the “bones” of the home are really good. It is a floor plan that I have never encountered in my years of selling real estate.It certainly was custom built for … continue reading

A home for all Seasons

Several days ago I listed a home in the River Heights area of Mason City. That particular older district is unique in that it is in nearly the center of the city yet isolated enough that it doesn't get the heavier traffic usually associated with residential blocks close to business districts. For over forty years my grandmother lived in that distri … continue reading

Mason City’s Finest

The subject of my article today is the home that I just listed that is indeed one of the most delightful and meticulously cared for homes I have listed in quite some time. It speaks of quality of design and construction as well as carefully planned updates which fit the needs of today's buyers. The owner is a real “gem” of a person. The depth o … continue reading

All Thumbs

Today I experienced more than just several examples of how our current Age of Specialization has created a lack of broad understanding. A generation or two ago people were forced to learn how to do things on their own due to necessity and cost. In our times, some of the simplest tasks are looked at with wide-eyed confusion and fear. What is even mo … continue reading

Glimmers of Gold

Having heard the news several days ago that Clear Lake Bank and Trust purchased the downtown branch of Community National Bank as well as their small west-side office gives the residents of Mason City and North Iowa yet another indication that our community is beginning to turn the corner on upward moving commerce. There are other signs of movement … continue reading

Secret Garden

This morning I listed an acreage that is one of the rare ones. It’s within the limits of Mason City, there are 4.45 acres, hard surface street in front, and an unbelievable private setting. I arrived there before the seller so I had an opportunity to really get a “feel” for the place. I could see either a major re-construction of the existing … continue reading

Finding the Fit

I’ve been working with a young family who are not from Mason City or North Iowa who have likely looked at more homes than the normal buyer in their price range.  They have been a delight to work with yet I feel at times they are frustrated with our current market conditions. During these past twelve months, I have noticed a change in what the av … continue reading

Welcoming porches

I visited with an older couple today at my open house of which I was hosting at 945 N. Delaware Ave., here in Mason City. They were delighted to find the home strong and sturdy as well as the neighborhood showing signs that the owners truly care about the maintenance of their homes. One of the neighbors who just happened to be moving into his resid … continue reading

Sound Investment Strategy

With there becoming a greater shortage of well cared for homes for rent in Mason City these past several years, I have come to the conclusion that this would be a great time for people to start investing in perhaps one or two single family homes here to compliment their long term investment strategies. If any of you would do a calculation on what y … continue reading

Sometimes I’m convinced

There are a few rare times every so often that I have a listing that just won’t sell.  The sellers reduce the prices to bargain basement status and still they don’t sell.Other homes in the area often sell for much more with fewer qualities and still that stubborn listing sits on the market. With that said, I am nearly convinced that these t … continue reading