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Illusion of Democracy

Illusion of Democracy
The hoar frost this morning was quite beautiful to where I was compelled to take the above photo of a clump of trees I happened upon while on my way up to Worth County this afternoon.I was out at my sidewalks with a vengeance this morning just to make sure all the light snow and sand was cleared off.  One of my neighbors down the block must've … continue reading

Cat Tracks

Cat Tracks
Since my inner clock was still set on daylight saving's time I curiously found myself driving to the office an hour earlier this morning.  It'll take a few days for me to get adjusted, so I'll just have to live with getting up an hour earlier than normal.  For sure I'll be ready for bed all the sooner tonight.Since it was rainy and dark this … continue reading

Broke America

Broke America
It was a bit of a "playing hooky" day for me since all I had to do with real estate was to prepare for my workweek ahead and return a few emails.  I stopped back at the office before heading home and found two messages on my answering machine.  Both callers somehow expected me to be there.  Wow!  Even Realtors have a life once in a while.Th … continue reading

Warming Rays Within

In just about every office I visited today, the employees I encountered raved about the sun shining brightly.  I couldn't help but respond, "Yes it's bright outside, but wait until you're out in that cold with the wind blowing again, then you might not think it to be such a wonderful day."  I'm convinced Mother Nature decided to have her own "Gro … continue reading

Nuanced by their Past

It was somewhat surprising to find there not having been more calls on my new listing, but instead a number of appointments being made by other Realtors to show a handful of my listing that have been on the market for a while.  Perhaps 15 N. Ohio hasn’t hit all the websites yet or possibly many of the other Realtors are more concerned about show … continue reading

Situational Vulgarity

Today was much slower than it has been over this past week with calls from prospective buyers.  Part of it was likely due to the intermittent rain that started later this morning.  I’m sure after the rains stop, we’ll be seeing some major greening up of North Iowa.  Having shown a particular couple a number of homes over these past months, I … continue reading

Keep Free Press Free

The unsettling events in our world today cause me to be ever thankful that I live in a country where we continue to have freedom of the press. In spite of the issues our country has as a whole, we are still very fortunate to live where our words are not hushed nor our news coverage censored. I've been anxiously watching the happenings in Ukraine w … continue reading

Troubling Times Ahead

I'm sure many of you have been watching and listening to the news these past weeks in regards to the chain of events that are unfolding in Ukraine. Many great historians have said the past repeats itself and I never in my wildest dreams ever would have considered a European country being basically invaded by a neighboring State. I was under the bel … continue reading

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

So very often I find in the times in which we live, people being so much of the mindset of entitlement. Every single day I see people who appear to be physically and mentally fit where they should have some sort of gainful employment. They somehow manage to become part of the government entitlement programs that give them enough for food and shelte … continue reading

Fool’s Gold

Every time I hear of someone taking advantage of someone else by not providing the agreed upon goods and services, it makes me bristle. On the flip side, I also bristle whenever I hear of someone who keeps wanting more and more from a company or person who has fulfilled the terms of service.Everyone knows people who fit this flawed character. I h … continue reading