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A new visitor’s perspective

I spent part of my day today with an architect from one of the west coast metro areas. Our time spent together was quite eye opening as far as what a person from far away thinks of Mason City and the progress it’s making toward bettering itself.There were several comments that he made that I will not forget. His first comment was, “It looks l … continue reading

Summer just happened

Since January, this year has been filled with a roller coaster of temperatures as well as abnormal weather. From the record breaking snow storm of earlier this month to another record breaking high temperature not even two weeks later. Not to mention the wind of several days ago. I was showing a property on the outskirts of Rockwell, and when I got … continue reading

The North Iowa Band Festival is coming

Each year around this time I have some of the fondest memories of the Band Festival. When I was young and living on the farm, it was such a treat to go downtown and experience the live music provided by the marching bands as well as the floats and the all around merriment. I believe there is far more of an affect on a person just being there and a … continue reading

Getting it Right on the Park

As I was driving thru the downtown later this afternoon, I was turning west on State Street from the corner of Federal. The west sun was shining on the yellow bricks of the Park Inn Hotel causing the building to have somewhat of a golden glow. I was thinking about all the recent changes within the downtown. For example, the extensive Park Inn resto … continue reading

Another Mason City success story

Having added a new Realtor to Holtz Realty last week, I did a quick inventory of office supplies and decided that I needed to make a trip to the office supply store.While I was there, a past client that I hadn’t seen in several years approached me to play catch up on happenings in our lives. Her and her ex-husband were clients of mine for many … continue reading

Mason City will soon be a bloom’in

I was delighted to find that the City Council passed the ordinance to help put “teeth” in the laws for those of us who want our community to look it’s best. I have been tired for a very long time of driving daily past houses upon houses that are in minimal condition at best. I could never understand why people would want to own so many reside … continue reading

Absolute Best Buy in Mason City…

The three words we have always remembered in buying or selling real estate are as follows: location, location and location. Seems this home has been under the radar for buyers because likely they haven’t dropped down in price with their on-line searches. 103 S. Carolina is in the heart of Mason City’s sought after districts. It’s bank owned, … continue reading

Mother Goose Keeps Eggs Warm in Spring Snow

Living in Mason City Iowa, most of us have come to understand like all of the other creatures great and small... If it doesn't kill you, it just makes you stronger! US News | Entertainment News | More ABC News Videos … continue reading

Getting back to the core…

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a young man who was speaking about the city he grew up in which happens to be similar in size to Mason City.  I was astonished to hear some of the scary details about what has been happening to the historic business district.  It seems that there were several factories in that city which were close … continue reading

Oak Park Subdivision of Mason City…

I guess I will have to consider myself the resident expert of Oak Park Addition in Mason City, Iowa because yours truly has sold more homes in that subdivision than anyone else save likely the developer back around the turn of the century when that parcel of land was platted.    Back in 1982 when I was young and na … continue reading