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Turning Tides

Today one of my listings sold to a young person who had been looking at other properties but decided on one of mine that is an older two story. What I was the most surprised about were his comments about how he liked older homes better than the newer ones because they are built to last. He also owns an older vehicle that he takes great pride in mai … continue reading

The forgotten resource

The subject of my article today is about the living and breathing resources we have in Mason City and North Iowa. I have worked a great deal with the elderly during my years in marketing real estate. I love learning about their lives and the paths they took. What I can say about nearly all of them, is that they possess vast untapped banks of knowle … continue reading

The Egloff dilemma

I have been thinking, and thinking about how Mason City can truly preserve the historic homes in Oak Park that were purchased from the residents in the Flood Buyout Program. A light bulb went off with me this morning while I was driving thru that district. Why doesn’t somebody who is keen on preservation take a bit of time and create an Egloff Fu … continue reading

Waiting for the sun

We have all been enduring these seemingly endless overcast days of May here in Mason City. As these days of gray continue, I have noticed something that I believe to be now more true than I had since believed. The interaction that I have been having lately with people whom I have known for a very long time seem to be markedly different in that they … continue reading


My day today was filled with drama, drama and more drama. By the way, if there is anything I despise more is DRAMA! I ask all you readers of this article to challenge yourselves to not get pulled into any kind of drama during your day. You will find that it is exceedingly hard. If you can envision a pendulum in your mind that is swinging back and f … continue reading

Quiet Cornerstones

I just happened to talk to a long term client and customer today about a tenant he has been having problems with this month. After hanging up the phone, I began to think about how he and his family have done so much good for Mason City. They own rental properties of which they take an active step in keeping the homes and apartments, safe, sound and … continue reading

A new visitor’s perspective

I spent part of my day today with an architect from one of the west coast metro areas. Our time spent together was quite eye opening as far as what a person from far away thinks of Mason City and the progress it’s making toward bettering itself.There were several comments that he made that I will not forget. His first comment was, “It looks l … continue reading

Summer just happened

Since January, this year has been filled with a roller coaster of temperatures as well as abnormal weather. From the record breaking snow storm of earlier this month to another record breaking high temperature not even two weeks later. Not to mention the wind of several days ago. I was showing a property on the outskirts of Rockwell, and when I got … continue reading

The North Iowa Band Festival is coming

Each year around this time I have some of the fondest memories of the Band Festival. When I was young and living on the farm, it was such a treat to go downtown and experience the live music provided by the marching bands as well as the floats and the all around merriment. I believe there is far more of an affect on a person just being there and a … continue reading

Getting it Right on the Park

As I was driving thru the downtown later this afternoon, I was turning west on State Street from the corner of Federal. The west sun was shining on the yellow bricks of the Park Inn Hotel causing the building to have somewhat of a golden glow. I was thinking about all the recent changes within the downtown. For example, the extensive Park Inn resto … continue reading