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Sometimes Bigger is not Better

These past several days I've had several very interesting conversations with professionals who are likely in their 40's. The first conversation was with two brothers who were here to finish getting their mother's property ready to place on the market. I didn't expect the meeting with them to be so long but I was glad that it was, because I yet agai … continue reading

Bakery Anyone?

Because I have lived here in Mason City for so long, I can now talk about a most delightful, real, and honest to goodness bakery that thrived downtown for years. It was located just east of Federal Ave. about a half a block on State Street. Because I worked at Norwest Bank at the time, I frequented the bakery nearly every morning. Ohhh the smells t … continue reading

The Three E’s

These past weeks of summer have shown even more activity in the central business district of Mason City than what I have seen in past years. I believe part of this growth in visitors and shoppers downtown is that the Farmer's Market seems to be gaining popularity with North Iowans. I think that comes from the help of Jodee O'Brien who is the new Di … continue reading

A home for all Seasons

Several days ago I listed a home in the River Heights area of Mason City. That particular older district is unique in that it is in nearly the center of the city yet isolated enough that it doesn't get the heavier traffic usually associated with residential blocks close to business districts. For over forty years my grandmother lived in that distri … continue reading

Mason City’s Finest

The subject of my article today is the home that I just listed that is indeed one of the most delightful and meticulously cared for homes I have listed in quite some time. It speaks of quality of design and construction as well as carefully planned updates which fit the needs of today's buyers. The owner is a real “gem” of a person. The depth o … continue reading

Glimmers of Gold

Having heard the news several days ago that Clear Lake Bank and Trust purchased the downtown branch of Community National Bank as well as their small west-side office gives the residents of Mason City and North Iowa yet another indication that our community is beginning to turn the corner on upward moving commerce. There are other signs of movement … continue reading

Mason City Council Meeting

I attended the City Council meeting this evening this evening and was surprised and delighted to find how much more professionally the meeting was conducted.  It has been several years since I last attended one and I can certainly say that there has been a big and positive change from past meetings I sat through.  Perhaps the Council and City Adm … continue reading

Perfect Day

There was quite a crisp north wind blowing this morning when I arrived at the office. I almost thought I needed to wear a coat but as the sun rose higher in the sky, the day became one that will be memorable. I went out behind my office building and did some mowing and weeding for several hours. The air was so clear that everything visible seemed t … continue reading

Turning Tides

Today one of my listings sold to a young person who had been looking at other properties but decided on one of mine that is an older two story. What I was the most surprised about were his comments about how he liked older homes better than the newer ones because they are built to last. He also owns an older vehicle that he takes great pride in mai … continue reading

The forgotten resource

The subject of my article today is about the living and breathing resources we have in Mason City and North Iowa. I have worked a great deal with the elderly during my years in marketing real estate. I love learning about their lives and the paths they took. What I can say about nearly all of them, is that they possess vast untapped banks of knowle … continue reading