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Remember Local First

More and more these past months I have been discovering how much local enterprise is sprouting in and around Mason City. MicroEconomics is where it all seems to start with when an upward lift in community spirits begin. Later it seems to become contagious when even the naysayers start making positive comments. When local governments become more of … continue reading

Watch out for the Buses

After so many long years of being a real estate broker, I find yet today there are still those darn buses that seem to come out of nowhere. You can be driving along minding your own business of doing your job and the next thing you know, there's the bus. What I've noticed the most is that they seem to appear when you're confident they're not around … continue reading

Conspirators of Progress

Each week there appears to me yet more signs of improvements within our community. Several of the out of town buyers that I've meet with have indicated how much they like Mason City—especially the downtown. I ran into an elderly lady in City Hall several days ago. She took me to the side and said, “Mr. Chodur, you must work at getting the south … continue reading

Garbage Day Today

We all want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but after seeing time and time again people showing such a disregard for their surroundings, it's time to say enough! I was in and out of the office nearly all day today due to numerous little tasks I needed to get completed. I was driving over near East Park this morning and noticed someone thr … continue reading

Feeble Attempts at home improvements in Mason City

These past weeks I have been in nearly every type, age and price range of homes in Mason City and North Iowa. I have to keep my mouth shut sometimes because I know sellers do take some of my comments personally.I sold a home some years ago to a young semi-professional couple. The home they purchased was of sound construction and well maintained. … continue reading

Mason City’s 2008 Flood Homes

I am going to continue to be very hopeful that the homes that are left in the flood buyout do go to auction rather than being torn down. Some of these homes have quality of design and construction that you will likely not find in a newer home. Yes, the time and money spent in finding a suitable lot as well as the costs associated with moving, havin … continue reading

Mason City’s gratuitous Dumpster Diving and Dumping

I know people over the course of their lives have peeked into a dumpster or two, as well as thrown something in one. What seems to be the mode these past ten years or so has been an increase in people believing that dumpsters that businesses pay for on a monthly basis are free to the public. Waste disposal has become a lucrative business due to our … continue reading

Is it still Summer in North Iowa?

Having arrived at the office early this morning I found that the temperature was quickly on the rise again. Here it is the 7th of September and we are having this icky-sticky heat that doesn't seem to want to let up. Have you ever noticed when it is late Summer and we have these temperatures how it seems to be a different type that's more annoying. … continue reading

Looking In from the Outside

Several days ago a retiree whom I sold a home to about 5 years ago called just to play catch up with what has been going on with our lives. Back when I first met her, she was just retiring from a teaching position in a community college out West. We found that we shared many similar interests so we had many things to talk about. There were several … continue reading

Delighted to be in Mason City Downtown

These past several weeks are showing signs of more great things to come.  The Facade Project is underway and the construction crews are busy tearing off layers of dis-functional facades. If I had more time, it would be interesting to watch the process of dismantling of someone else’s work some fifty or sixty years ago. This brings me to a conver … continue reading