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Perfect Day

There was quite a crisp north wind blowing this morning when I arrived at the office. I almost thought I needed to wear a coat but as the sun rose higher in the sky, the day became one that will be memorable. I went out behind my office building and did some mowing and weeding for several hours. The air was so clear that everything visible seemed t … continue reading

Turning Tides

Today one of my listings sold to a young person who had been looking at other properties but decided on one of mine that is an older two story. What I was the most surprised about were his comments about how he liked older homes better than the newer ones because they are built to last. He also owns an older vehicle that he takes great pride in mai … continue reading

The forgotten resource

The subject of my article today is about the living and breathing resources we have in Mason City and North Iowa. I have worked a great deal with the elderly during my years in marketing real estate. I love learning about their lives and the paths they took. What I can say about nearly all of them, is that they possess vast untapped banks of knowle … continue reading

My Memorial Day Tribute

Having grown up in a family that had family members that served in active duty, I can say that unless you have lived through the fear of them not coming home as well as their possibly being injured for life, no one can really understand the hardships that the Veterans and their families have endured on behalf of the people of the United States.I … continue reading

A rare find in Mason City

I like doing value added services for clients and customers especially when they are beside themselves with chaos.  I spent three hours this afternoon helping a new owner of a building downtown clean out a crawl space that was likely not opened for many, many years.  Oh Mercy! The coal dust is one of my not so favorite things to get on my hands. … continue reading

Mean what you say

I had an encounter with several people today that were speaking about this and that concerning some decisions that were made. I listened and continued to listen and after they left, the more I thought about it, and piecing together in my mind the chain of events of the why and how those decisions were made, I thought to myself, “Hmmm, those peopl … continue reading

The Egloff dilemma

I have been thinking, and thinking about how Mason City can truly preserve the historic homes in Oak Park that were purchased from the residents in the Flood Buyout Program. A light bulb went off with me this morning while I was driving thru that district. Why doesn’t somebody who is keen on preservation take a bit of time and create an Egloff Fu … continue reading

Make a Difference

In between my morning appointments, I stopped to visit an elderly couple that I have known for a long time. They don’t get out much so I try to keep them connected with society. While I was there, we were talking about what they were going to do for flowers this year. They said they didn’t think they would have much as the flowers are getting e … continue reading

Grey Suits and Chevrolets

Mason City and the general North Iowa area have a population that seem to have two opposing sides that are intrinsically different and in these times, there appears to be even a more widening gap between them. The reason for me speaking about this is that I work with both sides of this buyer and seller spectrum. There are those that have nearly not … continue reading

You’ve got to read this

Several days ago I was working with repeat customers. While we were going from house to house we ended up on a conversation that was a repeat from too many years ago. We were talking about contractors. The wife giggled and said to me, “I remember, you always said you never hire a contractor that drives a big beautiful work truck.” I got a reall … continue reading