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Wind that Bites

On appointment today I encountered a charming older gentleman whom I have known for a very long time. He is a true gentle man whom I could listen to for hours on end telling extremely interesting stories of life on the farm, life in his job, and the lives of others around him. I could tell by his voice that he was about to say something without res … continue reading

Winter of the Winds

As many years I have lived in North Iowa, I can't remember one that has been as windy and cold as this one. Yes, I remember deep cold quite well and of course the snow storms, but to have so many days of gale force winds so often, appears to be quite abnormal. I was out and about today doing some of my Sunday jobs and I can say there were times whe … continue reading

Behind the Frosted Glass Door

I had a wonderful conversation with several buyers today and the verbal exchange with one of them turned to a conversation regarding how at times when she wakes in the night by some worrisome thought, it almost always comes true. I told her she must have an acute form of intuition. Over the years, I've heard many stories and experienced many things … continue reading

Tree of Life

Out and about this morning more than I wanted to be due to the -13 below zero temperature, I happened to be driving down a street that I have traveled often times before and couldn't help myself from stopping to take a photo of a tree that caught my eye. It reminds me of some of the inspiring photos I have seen over the years depicting the Tree of … continue reading

The Act of Balancing

One of my long term clients stopped by today to ask about a home that he noticed on the market. Our conversation was lengthy but good because we not only played catch up on each other's lives but also had a great conversation about how so many people are becoming so passive with their free time. He spoke about his grandchildren's activities as well … continue reading

Making Scents

Winter is the worst time for me when showing homes that are all closed up with likely very little fresh air movement within. As I mentioned before, there is a very primitive area of our brains that control memory, and believe me, that area has memory greater than an elephant's. Perhaps I could rent myself out and become a “name that smell” pers … continue reading

Lighting up our Lives

While I was at my open house today and in between buyers arriving, I found time to really understand why I find that home so terribly attractive. There are two features that make that home special. The first is that it has a very open living/dining area which is larger than normal. It gives one the sense of great space. Secondly and most importantl … continue reading

Gale Force Winter Winds

Having heard these past days of mis-haps created by the ice and wind, I'm filled with empathy. I've encouraged everyone to be extremely careful of ice; especially when the wind is blowing. Believe it or not, I was out on showings today gripping my steering wheel between houses and being more than careful on the driveways and sidewalks. I will never … continue reading

From Roosts to Nests

I've always considered January the month of forecast. We tend to be retrospective on the previous year's achievements and failures, but for me, our last year is finished and we can't bring it back. Part of my excitement is seeing the downtown continue to blossom. I've also noticed that I'm becoming more protective of the accomplishments in the His … continue reading

Loosening the Grip on Liberty

Each year, especially are this time, I realize how more and more people are finding themselves being squeezed financially. If anyone would take the time to do the research and see how much the value of the dollar has been reduced against the cost of goods and services, they would be shocked. After several weeks of working with a handful of buyers i … continue reading