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The Mirage…

Tomorrow I have an appointment to meet with a seller who called several days ago to come and talk about listing his home. When I found out today that he has also called several other Realtors for the infamous “interview”, I thought yet again, “Oh Mercy, Mercy!” Because of the way the market is here in Mason City and North Iowa, the competit … continue reading

Oh Mercy, Mercy!

Did I have the greatest laugh yesterday! I went to a closing a bit early and somehow we all got started on the subject of mice. One of the people in the room started telling a story about his mouse experience. Before I tell you this small story, I have to tell you that I have not laughed so hard, even to make me start sweating.Well, he was saying … continue reading

The Greatest Compliment…

I've done a great deal of work over the years for the most delightful family who have given much to our community over at least 50 years. They are who I would consider the real “blue bloods” of our city. They don't brag about their accomplishments, nor do they boast about how much money they have, as well as never speaking about their razor sha … continue reading

Don’t Let them pull you Down…

Oh Mercy, Mercy! What a day I had today. From the time I arrived at the office until about 4:00 pm this afternoon it has been a case of experiencing the absolute worst of humanity.Giving you all just one example, when I arrived at the office this morning which was VERY early, one of the business owners drove up next to my car when I was getting o … continue reading

The Four Angles of a Street Corner

After having a superb gathering with my sisters this evening who were here in Mason City on a visit to our mother, I was reminded of the story about the “four angles of a street corner”.If anyone of you grew up in a family of more than yourself as a child, you will find that each and every one of the children have their own version of what to … continue reading

Stretching the Dollar

I know we have all been lectured via the media about how to save money and yet not give up some of the comforts we are accustomed. What I have noticed is the excess "stuff" in peoples lives. The non-stop buying of electronics including the TVs, the handhelds, the fitness equipment, the automatic kitchen appliances and so on. With the continued evol … continue reading

Craftsmanship still survives in Mason City

I have been helping an owner with renting a downtown building.  I met one of the contractors there to do some measuring for a possible future tenant.  Curious me decided to see what was above the suspended ceiling.  Luckily there was a tall ladder there so I placed it in an area where I thought I could get some tiles up.  I crawled up the ladde … continue reading

It really Quacked me up

Just another confirmation that humans and animals are more closely related than we would ever want to think.Early this morning, while I was at my desk, I looked up and noticed something moving in the street. When I got up and walked to the front where the big windows are, I discovered a pair of ducks waddling across the street towards my office. … continue reading

Locate the Locals

What I hope is happening on Main Street Mason City along with all the other smaller cities and towns, is a re-awakening of the need for locally owned businesses. Just in this past year, I have noticed here in downtown Mason City, the number of buildings for rent and or for sale have decreased substantially. This is a very good thing for Mason City' … continue reading

The tale of two buyers…

When yours truly entered the world of real estate sales so terribly many years ago, I found that the young buyers were filled with vision and the willingness to make something out of nearly nothing. Today we call it “sweat equity”. I find that those buyers are now becoming fewer and farther between. I ask myself, “Is it because we are becomin … continue reading