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Breaking Away from the Herd

Having to play catch up from being away from the office merely one day, I found myself experiencing another one of those “follow the bouncing ball” days. As well, I'm not the happiest with the temperature outside. Winter is quickly approaching and I continue to check and double check things that need to be done before the deep winter freeze arr … continue reading

Day to Compare

Since most of my previous years have been spent working on Veterans Day, I decided to take a day's drive to La Crosse Wisconsin. Oh Mercy what a journey on a day like today! In making my last minute decision to drive there before I retired for the evening last night, I made one huge mistake—I didn't check to see what the weather would be like. Si … continue reading

What If?

What caused me to consider writing this article today was because I was in a long conversation with one of the residents of Mason City this afternoon. He is retired and worked for the railroad for thirty some years in different positions. He mentioned he was glad that he retired when he did because the company was becoming more and more computerize … continue reading

Aging without Grace

I have a relative of sorts whom I have known for quite some time and once in a while I stop to see the aging couple. This particular couple were married long after their children were out of the house and likely themselves approaching retirement. What I have noticed over the years is how the husband has become more and more aggressive and possessiv … continue reading

Shelter in the Time of Storm

As we find the dark and cold days of winter approaching, I am finding again how people in general become more restless. Part of it I believe, is the changing of the clocks back from daylight savings time and having to get used to the afternoons being shorter due to the sun going down earlier. Another reason for us being so quirky is that our bodies … continue reading

The Star of the North

Today a gentleman stopped by the office to pay his rent on a property that I manage for a client. He and his wife moved here from out of state about nine months ago. We sort of played catch up on how things were going with the house and their jobs. They have been doing more and more exploring of the city via their long walks in the parks and trails … continue reading


The more I find the polarization of how people live and conduct themselves in public and private, I find there to be two distinct groups emerging. Just today I received a phone call from a man who rented from our office some years ago and insisted that I find him something to rent. I couldn't help but remember walking with the owner through the apa … continue reading

Better the Devil you Know

Our society today is in a constant state of flux in search of absolute perfection. It's of no surprise due to the bombardment of the media imploring us to get something newer and better. That's part of our learned throw away mentality. It is also due to the narcissism that has become an acceptable behavior.More and more I find men and women who h … continue reading

Elegance is an Attitude

Most people take elegance for granted. After these long years of interacting with the general public, it has been again confirmed after working with a woman these past months who is purchasing a home, I have found that there is more to elegance than meets the eye. I will use this person as an example of how we should identify real elegance. My firs … continue reading

The Return of the Doors

I spent some time in a 3 bedroom brick home today that was built sometime in the mid 1930s which I would say was quite the family home. Most people would walk through it and find themselves confronted by numerous doors. Everywhere you look you find beautiful oak doors with oak casings and trim. Some have windows in them and some are solid with wood … continue reading