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If there were yet one thing that makes a home less than attractive is the sightings of paint drips and over-painting on door frames and baseboards. Last week I went to inspect a paint job of a home that is being readied for sale and was a bit shocked by the sloppy paint job. The owner had have the home cleaned, so I suggested having the cleaning pe … continue reading

The Summer of Storms

Last year we endured the record breaking summer of drought. Not only did the crops suffer but also the livestock that supply food to our tables. Many don't know what also suffered, were some of the homes here in North Iowa that had basement foundations that sank due to the extremely low water table. When something is built on soil that has an avera … continue reading

Tips for going Green

Sharing knowledge is rewarding. There are so many people who know much but don't want to share because they believe that with that knowledge gives them extra power. Such a selfish idea when they really must understand that we all must attempt to work together in the job of living. One of my customers asked be about a week ago if I knew a plumber to … continue reading


I spoke with one of my colleagues today about several of my new listings that are value priced. She said that she as well, has been having more of a problem selling older 2 story homes. Like myself she can't understand why the buyers today are shying away from the older well built and maintained homes. Being fully aware of the pros and cons of olde … continue reading

All Thumbs

Today I experienced more than just several examples of how our current Age of Specialization has created a lack of broad understanding. A generation or two ago people were forced to learn how to do things on their own due to necessity and cost. In our times, some of the simplest tasks are looked at with wide-eyed confusion and fear. What is even mo … continue reading

Old ways are sometimes better ways

Have any of you thought about why homes that were built the way they were in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s? Features like small closets or no closets, big kitchens with few cabinets or little kitchens with fewer cabinets, screened porches on the second floors off bedrooms, and not to mention cisterns in the basements.  Our material oriented … continue reading

Re-use and not abuse…

Among my range of interests and abilities, comes my story today. I was in a conversation last week with a gentleman who wants to create a re-use or re-cycled store that will offer all the components of older and very old homes in Mason City and North Iowa. He was saying, and I believe he is correct, when he insisted that Americans have become progr … continue reading

Land Mines of home improvements…

Today, I yet again considered myself a victim of Realtor abuse. I have been blessed with several buyers here in Mason City that are insisting on seeing everything in their price range.For me, after visiting with prospective buyers about their wants and needs, I can usually after two or three home showings get a “feel” for what they really wan … continue reading