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Out of the puddles and into the ponds

Will these days of cold and rain never cease? North Iowa has indeed been blessed and cursed this with arctic air. I listed a charming home today in between rain drops that I really had to work at getting good photos in such wet and darkness. After looking at the photos, I thought to myself, “You will have to go back after these days of being over … continue reading

Sundays should be Simple

Yet another day in the life of yours truly. I had to drive out of town to get some documents signed today. Oh how terrible the rain and wind. But the positive side, the long drive gave me time to think about what I would write about today.So many people go to great lengths to get their homes prepped for viewing by prospective buyers. The one thin … continue reading

Locate the Locals

What I hope is happening on Main Street Mason City along with all the other smaller cities and towns, is a re-awakening of the need for locally owned businesses. Just in this past year, I have noticed here in downtown Mason City, the number of buildings for rent and or for sale have decreased substantially. This is a very good thing for Mason City' … continue reading

Spring sprucing up

Seems this winter not wanting to let go, leaves us in the state of cabin fever. Everyone wants to get outside and do something.  Well, before you put on your walking shoes, step back and take a look at the inside of your home. Remember, it's been months and months since you've had the windows open and there's likely a film of dust on everything du … continue reading