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A Little Horsey

The week ended with the sale of another one of my listings and I believe the home will be a great fit for the new buyer.  Many people looking for homes in Mason City don’t take the time to investigate the advantages of living near East Park and the swimming pool.  Since I’ve been spending more time up in that area with recent sales along with … continue reading

Overrun by European Buckthorn

Coming to another soft landing with a closing today gave me great joy due to the complexity of the transaction. It was good that everyone was warned in the beginning of the possible rocky road we would be riding down before closing took place. I'm glad it wasn't nearly as bad as expected and certainly the buyers and sellers are happy about that. Wi … continue reading

Uglied Out

With it being an exceptionally cold and windy day today, I was delighted to find myself busier than expected with customer calls as well as getting some final negotiating completed on an offer I've been working on over these past several days.One of the younger couples that I was showing a turn-of-the-century home today mentioned that even though … continue reading

Tribute to the Pepper

I happened to be at a client's home today who has a garden filled with beautiful vegetables. Before I left, I made sure to take a photo of a handsome green pepper plant. It is surprising that more people don't have a back door garden where they can at least have fresh vegetables while in season. Naturally grown bell peppers are my favorite because … continue reading


As Spring and summer is approaching, I couldn't help but think forward of people complaining about their problem with bugs. Often times when showing homes I happen to notice bottles of insect repellants and bug killers. I can't believe how the general population have become so paranoid about bugs. Many of the exterminators have made good livings wi … continue reading

Get Ready for the Rise

It sounds like about 10 days from now we will be seeing temps hitting the 50 degree mark. I do hope it warms, but warms slowly due to the heavy snow cover. I remember enough times when we had a rapid snow melt and subsequent flooding. I wish for everyone to think forward and make sure you are prepared. Is your sump pump working? Do you have a porta … continue reading


Most people live months and years in homes doing their day to day chores of keeping their living spaces in a neat and tidy condition. We make sure the floors are scrubbed clean and the carpets vacuumed as well as windows washed and furniture dusted. We walk past items many times a day that are often real culprits for spreading dust and air borne pa … continue reading

Get Ready Early

Every time Fall arrives we think that it will last for months, but in our area, when November 1st rolls around the weather can be good as well as ugly. We find ourselves rushing at the last days of pleasant weather doing things that could have been accomplished weeks before. When it comes to your home, it's best to start from the top down and the i … continue reading

Reeling in the Blue Zone

While I was working for a little bit in the back of my office today, I had a great idea. Since I remember ways that used to be, I started allowing my mind to wander. Thinking about possibilities for change and the end effects of that change.I purchased from an elderly client a newer reel type push mower that she used to mow her yard before she w … continue reading

Cross Worlds

During a short break today, I read a little of the internet news, and happened upon an article on the subject of the changing tastes of the millenial or Gen-Ys when it comes to what they prefer in housing. To the surprise of the researchers, this young generation seem to prefer living in the city rather than the suburbs and the size preferences ten … continue reading