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The highlight of my day was getting the sale of one of my listings closed, and in spite of having a few hiccups along the way, I can thankfully say we had a soft landing. Since they were first-time buyers, their excitement was causing me to be all the more charged, which was a good thing, because we all need to be as upbeat as possible about our jo … continue reading


Coming down off a rare occurrence of my catching a nasty cold several weeks ago, I realized it has been so long since I've been sick that I'd forgotten how much I really don't like it. One of my relatives and I spent extended time visiting a patient in the health care system where likely we both came down with the same cold that was being innocentl … continue reading

Cry for Stir Fry

These past two weeks I've been finding myself eating far too much fast food simply because of my attempting to crunch time. Indeed fast food has its place in our hurried up world, but making a daily routine of it is not to my liking. Today, I was waiting for someone to arrive and struck up a conversation with several employees behind a service coun … continue reading


Seems our community is being over-loaded with the seasonal colds and flu. At least over half of the people I've encountered these past days are either coming down with something, sweating thru something, or getting over something. I think part of it was the early arrival of the bitter cold and then in later days, it started warming up to above norm … continue reading

Stepping out of the Circle

I had the unfortunate opportunity to do a walk-thru on a home today that was quite the shocker. The resident has recently been moved to a nursing home. I was asked to do a valuation on the property for the fiduciary. I picked up the key and pulled up to the house which looked relatively normal on the outside. I walked up the front steps, unlocked t … continue reading