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Clear Lake Yacht Club

Yet another “whoosh” Monday went by to where I felt as though I was in a constant state of motion.  I think I did pretty well getting everything accomplished without having conflicting appointments.Seems everyone was talking about how beautiful the weather was here in North Iowa yesterday.  I couldn't help but agree, along with wishing I'd … continue reading

Gents Playing Jazz

Fortunately I was able to keep all my appointments in line and on time today.  I was getting a little bit concerned I wouldn't make it to my public open house at 2831 - 4th St. NW on time, but fortunately I did.This was the second public open house I've had on it since it was listed.  And having received a $10K price reduction on it several day … continue reading

White Lilacs

Back over to Clear Lake I went again this morning on another appointment. Seems I'm over there at least three times a week.  One thing I did notice this morning is all the street and sidewalk work that's being done, alone with the tearing down of a historic old building on Main Street which is making way for an addition to Clear Lake Bank and Trus … continue reading