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Clear Lake Yacht Club

Clear Lake Yacht Club-1Yet another “whoosh” Monday went by to where I felt as though I was in a constant state of motion.  I think I did pretty well getting everything accomplished without having conflicting appointments.

Seems everyone was talking about how beautiful the weather was here in North Iowa yesterday.  I couldn’t help but agree, along with wishing I’d spent more time outside.  Today’s weather wasn’t as good as yesterday’s because the humidity was on the rise.  Oh well, we can’t have Paradise every day of the year here in North Iowa.

It looks it’s going to be the week for value added services being performed by yours truly.  I really don’t mind doing the little extras that really aren’t part of my job of being a Realtor for clients and customers, but when those little requests start adding up in a day or two, I’m left feeling as though I’ve accomplished nothing worthwhile.

Yesterday I noticed one of my nearly new tires was low so I figured I’d better get it out to Bauer Built this morning before it went flat on me.  Luckily they were able to get me in right away without much of a wait.  About 20 minutes later the technician came out of the service garage and said, “Thought you might like this little souvenir.” as he handed me what looked like the snapped-off sharp end of a drywall screw.  I shook my head in wonderment as to where I could’ve possibly picked it up.

Whenever I see people working on roofs and new construction and not being conscientious about discarded nails and screws, I bristle a bit and think, “How would you like it if you happened to get one of those cast offs in your car or truck tire?”  Far too many of our citizenry don’t think forward enough when it comes to being careful about the clean-up of their work areas.  I think people who’ve been around machinery and flattened tires are all the more careful about sharp things left laying on the ground.  Still to this day I’ll pick up and throw in the trash, nails, screws, and everything else I think will get in someone’s tires.

One of my showings today took me to a home where I met for the first time one of the nicest couples.  I was the most impressed by the young gentleman who has a child from a previous relationship, works full time, and also goes to college part time.  Now that’s someone who has a full plate, yet he’s happy and upbeat about his future.

After telling me he wants to be a secondary school teacher, I couldn’t have encouraged him enough. And to top it all off, in his spare time he’s working on a short novel.  Just think what a vibrant community we would be living in if all the young people living here in North Iowa had that much vision and drive.   As I’ve mentioned before, “Whenever I encounter people like him, it causes me to believe there is still hope for humanity.”

The above photo is one I took Saturday evening while paying a visit to Clear Lake.  It’s of the building that houses the Clear Lake Yacht Club.  Whomever designed it did an exceptional job. The mansard roof on it really creates quite the commanding presence at the shorefront of Clear Lake.

Gents Playing Jazz

Gents Playing JazzFortunately I was able to keep all my appointments in line and on time today.  I was getting a little bit concerned I wouldn’t make it to my public open house at 2831 – 4th St. NW on time, but fortunately I did.

This was the second public open house I’ve had on it since it was listed.  And having received a $10K price reduction on it several days ago, I’d say that certainly spurred some good interest in it.  Truth be told, there were people coming and going the entire time I was there to where it was even 15 minutes after before the last couple walked out.  Everyone was surprised by the size of the main floor which is nearly 2,500 square feet, as well as the size of the monster 3 1/2+ stall garage which could easily fit four vehicles.  There were two couples who were really giving it the twice over, and I do hope one of them will pull the trigger.

Since I still had enough time, I decided to make a trek to one of my favorite far away churches and take in the countryside on my way.  After these recent rains, the field corn is growing like weeds and already tasseling.  Warm nights and high humidity makes for a fast growing corn field.  I’m just glad the wind changed directions and now coming from the north with its cool and drier air.

My arrival at the church was just in the nick of time.  Since I hadn’t been there for some time, I found it all the more special being there.  The sermon was a little weak, but the music was exceptional.  There were four singers with fine voices being accompanied by an accomplished organist.  I absolutely love the solemnity of the church’s interior along with its dazzling and thought evoking stained glass windows.

It didn’t take long for me to notice something rather odd today to where the more I looked, the more I noticed the vivid clothing color that must be very much in vogue in that community.  Believe it or not, there were at least twenty men and women wearing coral. The men had casual shirts that color, and the women were either wearing full outfits or blouses the same striking coral.  There were a few other men and women who were wearing a light lime green which also stood out.  That was the time I wished I had a secret camera to take a photo of such a strikingly colorful group of people.  The only person I recognized there was an attorney I’d met some years ago, and he was also wearing a vivid coral golf shirt.  In spite of being overloaded with color, I’m glad I went.

After my last appointment, I decided to drive over to Clear Lake and take a few photos to share.  The above is one I took of some boats out on the lake. I walked around the park and just as I was getting ready to take a photo of some older gents playing jazz, their set ended.  Clear Lake’s bandshell is very nice, and I think more people should make a point to go over there when they’re playing.  Live music is always the best!

White Lilacs

White LilacsBack over to Clear Lake I went again this morning on another appointment. Seems I’m over there at least three times a week.  One thing I did notice this morning is all the street and sidewalk work that’s being done, alone with the tearing down of a historic old building on Main Street which is making way for an addition to Clear Lake Bank and Trust.  Yes, we must always consider progress, but I do still find it a shame seeing the architectural landscape of a Historic District being altered.  With all the construction, I had to look far on the other side of the block to find a parking place.  Friday morning must be the time when all the coffee-clutchers meet.

One of these free days I’d like to go over to Clear Lake and quietly join in on one of their round table coffeehouse discussions.  The topic I’d like to slide into is asking their opinions on what they believe would be best for their neighboring city.  I can only imagine what some will say, and I’d certainly have to take notes because they’re on the outside looking in, which is oft times far different that being inside and looking out.  One thing I have to admit about Clear Lake is that their housing prices are $20K – $40K higher than ours.  I have my suspicions why their prices are markedly higher, but I’m saving my thoughts for only a select few.

Not long ago I had a confrontation with a real honest to goodness curmudgeon.  It seems our City is getting peppered with more of them.  I’m not so sure if it’s the sign of our times, financial uncertainty, or possibly believing our computerized world is leaving them behind.  Most really crabby people usually have a hidden hurt they refuse to acknowledge or address.  Without a willingness to share their hidden burdens with at least one or two others, they remain steadfast in their ways.

I managed to get thru the meeting with him and walked away believing I made headway with process of getting his home listed for sale.   He was certainly surprised I didn’t flinch while being hammered by him regarding my sales abilities.  He must’ve realized in his mind that I wasn’t about to play any mind games.  I’m confident he’ll be better the next time I see him to where he won’t be putting up anymore road blocks for me.

I’m having a public open house on 2040 Hunters Ridge Drive tomorrow and I’m hopeful we’ll be getting a good turnout.  It’s the unit where Dr. Garcia lived for a number of years before the current owners purchased it.  It’s far bigger and better than it appears from the exterior.  Be sure to take time tomorrow to get your own free peeks at it.

While waiting outside a home for its owner to arrive, I caught glimpse of a patch of white lilacs blooming.  Fortunately I had my camera with me so to capture the above photo to share with you.  White lilacs have a far different visual texture than the purple ones.  I’m still pondering on what the evocative difference is.  What are your thoughts?