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You’ve got to read this

Several days ago I was working with repeat customers. While we were going from house to house we ended up on a conversation that was a repeat from too many years ago. We were talking about contractors. The wife giggled and said to me, “I remember, you always said you never hire a contractor that drives a big beautiful work truck.” I got a reall … continue reading

Getting it Right on the Park

As I was driving thru the downtown later this afternoon, I was turning west on State Street from the corner of Federal. The west sun was shining on the yellow bricks of the Park Inn Hotel causing the building to have somewhat of a golden glow. I was thinking about all the recent changes within the downtown. For example, the extensive Park Inn resto … continue reading

Getting back to the core…

I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a young man who was speaking about the city he grew up in which happens to be similar in size to Mason City.  I was astonished to hear some of the scary details about what has been happening to the historic business district.  It seems that there were several factories in that city which were close … continue reading

Sailing the High and Turbulent Seas of Real Estate…

Today’s seemingly endless events have been quite a roller coaster of emotions. It caused me to think of what it would have been like if I had taken a different path in careers and became a Botanist or International Banker. Oh well, our lives are filled with choices that take us on delightful paths and sometimes dark paths. I’m still licking my … continue reading

Opposing Forces

If anyone who works in downtown Mason City would just become more aware of their surroundings as they are going to and from their workplace, they would notice as I have, the opposing forces that are forming in the Business District of Mason City. Too many times one will notice people who seem “out of place” on the sidewalks as well as street wa … continue reading

Locate the Locals

What I hope is happening on Main Street Mason City along with all the other smaller cities and towns, is a re-awakening of the need for locally owned businesses. Just in this past year, I have noticed here in downtown Mason City, the number of buildings for rent and or for sale have decreased substantially. This is a very good thing for Mason City' … continue reading