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Open Minded

The roller-coaster day I had today will be remembered for years to come. What I'm finding to be more the norm rather than the exception, are people who first of all, don't listen, and others who wait until something absolutely HAS TO be done before they complete a task.I think part of this growing problem is the interferences of social media and … continue reading

The Best Revenge

I know our times have changed and we have to deal with it, but I still can't get my mind wrapped around the way in which people can flip-flop with their intentions of doing something or not doing something. We all have been around those who are always in the state of using others. I'll never forget a client/customer of years ago who was buying and … continue reading

Candy Wrappers

Some days ago I had to do some personal business downtown so I thought I would quickly attend to it during part of my lunch hour. I must preface this by saying I was having a relatively busy day but not a bad day. I went into the establishment and discovered that one of my favorite customer service people was gone for the day. I personally know the … continue reading

Looking from the Outside In

Over the years in doing business in North Iowa, I have found that people who have done very little traveling as well as little in-depth reading, are more dismissive about changes in their lives as well as their communities. They seem to have the mindset of, “This is how it's been, this is how it is, and this is how it will be.” Scary isn't it? … continue reading


Have any of you really noticed at times how people work at their jobs as well as the quality of their work? Also, have you noticed how some people who are in customer service really aren't cut out to be servants of customers? Having been in supervisory positions in past years, I found myself attempting to re-educate workers in how they should perce … continue reading

Bouncing Ball Day

Have any of you ever had one of those days that occur in your life when you feel like you are about 15 minutes behind everything that is happening in the universe? I had one of those rare days today. Not sure how or why it happens because no matter how much you work to catch up those 15 minutes, there is always some intervening circumstance that th … continue reading

Bakery Anyone?

Because I have lived here in Mason City for so long, I can now talk about a most delightful, real, and honest to goodness bakery that thrived downtown for years. It was located just east of Federal Ave. about a half a block on State Street. Because I worked at Norwest Bank at the time, I frequented the bakery nearly every morning. Ohhh the smells t … continue reading

The Three E’s

These past weeks of summer have shown even more activity in the central business district of Mason City than what I have seen in past years. I believe part of this growth in visitors and shoppers downtown is that the Farmer's Market seems to be gaining popularity with North Iowans. I think that comes from the help of Jodee O'Brien who is the new Di … continue reading

The True Mindset of Community

I have lately been comparing what used to be and what is now. Many things are better now as far as health care, information technology, and opportunities for career advancement. On the opposite side I find a more distancing of real human interaction. For example, just these past several years, I am finding that more people that I know are texting o … continue reading

Soap on a Rope

Something I am getting more and more disturbed about these past years is the language that is being used mostly in public and I’m sure even more in private.What precipitated me to write about this is that about three weeks ago I was verbally attacked by someone who is a businessperson. The language coming out of that person’s mouth was not on … continue reading