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Already Manufactured

Already Manufactured
Let's hope after everyone was fully awake this morning and then recalling the events of this past evening, there were no lingering regrets over whatever was said or done that suddenly became regrettable.  I'm not so sure people are the New Year's Eve party animals they were a decade or two ago.  With our State clamping all the more down on drunk … continue reading

Goo Year

Goo Year
You couldn't have found me anymore disgusted than I was when awakening early this morning and finding it raining AGAIN!  And of course the skies didn't clear off until past noon, but at least it did warm up into the 60's in spite of the chilling wind.  When speaking to a well known who lives out of State this afternoon, it sounds like these crazy … continue reading

The Price of Electricity

The Price of Electricity
What a day!  The heat and humidity returned with full force and showed absolutely no mercy on anyone venturing outdoors.  I did have appointments out of the office, and thank goodness the homes I was in had air conditioning.  As I mentioned before, it's not the heat so much as the humidity zapping our energy levels.I did stop for a few minut … continue reading

Made in China

Alas it got above freezing this afternoon which with the sun shining brightly which made the day feel almost tolerable.  I've been noticing some really bad driving lately by people who've likely forgotten that Winter is upon us, and there are, and will be more patches of ice in the future which will place reckless drivers in dangerous positions wi … continue reading

Onto the Stage

Likely I'm sounding redundant with once again speaking of how beautiful a day it was.  Just remember, the more days we have like this, the closer we are to Spring and the fewer cold one we'll have to endure this Winter.  One of my friends planted some carrots later than normally this Summer and mentioned today how he hopes he'll have carrots befo … continue reading

Stacked Decks

This is certainly going to be a September to remember with these endless days of heat.  Hopefully we will get the rain that's been forecasted.  North Iowa is exceptionally dry to where I'm sure the reason our trees are shedding their leaves so early is because of the lack of moisture.  The oak trees around town appear to be in very sad shape.  … continue reading

Growing Local Business

There were people walking about yesterday in our Historic Downtown inspecting some of the restored store fronts and lofts whom I believe were part of a Main Street Iowa tour and presentation.  When I received the notice some months ago regarding their being here, I was hoping I’d have time to participate and learn a few things, but as chance wou … continue reading

New Owners

First off tonight, I must mention a drastic price reduction I just received from the owner of 1029 - 12th St. NE here in Mason City.  He informed me today that he’ll be taking a new job far out of town next month and is now determined to have his home sold quickly.  It is now listed at $84,500 and as far as I’m concerned it should really crea … continue reading

Conducive Productivity

Off times people speak about their inability to get things done in a timely manner which of course many times creates cogs in the wheels of transactions where there are more people contributing their portion of duties. Projects requiring fragments of the whole being performed by others, subsequently become stuck waiting for someone else to complete … continue reading

Open Minded

The roller-coaster day I had today will be remembered for years to come. What I'm finding to be more the norm rather than the exception, are people who first of all, don't listen, and others who wait until something absolutely HAS TO be done before they complete a task.I think part of this growing problem is the interferences of social media and … continue reading