Waiting to be Served Their Moose Tacos

For sure it was one of those days where I was either a few minutes early, or twenty minutes behind on things I wanted to get accomplished. In spite of my having arrived at office early, the morning went so fast to where I wondered where those hours had gone when noticing it was already nearing eleven. Yes, there were several appointments at office which didn’t seem to take less than a half hour each, so I left that missing time frame to be just another example of the build-up of time spent when hopping from one little “to-do” to another.

The closing which was scheduled for later this afternoon had a last minute emergency when having discovered the furnace had gone out in the house sometime in the night, which created a mad rush to get an HVAC person out there to work on it. Thank goodness they had the parts and able to get it back up and running again before its closing time arrived. I mentioned to the seller how lucky we were that we weren’t in the midst of well-below zero temperatures when that furnace went out.

As much as I wanted to get more work done on my taxes today, there was only about a grand total of an hour spent at it, but least the little piles I’d created are slowly going down, getting logged and later filed in their respective pouches. I’m continuing to stay positive I’ll have them readied for my tax person on time, and then I’ll be free of that ball and chain for another year.

Being out and about as much as I was today, I made sure to wear the pair of winter boots I purchased last Fall because they’re much better at keeping me from slipping around on our icy sidewalks and curbsides. The memories of my fall out at the curbside of my office remains fresh in my mind, along with the number of painful weeks it took me to get fully healed.

Just as I headed out to grab something at a drive-thru, I remembered it was Thursday and it being the day that the Moose Lodge serves tacos. I would say it had been at least two years since I darkened their door, so I figured it was about time I did. In spite of their opening their doors at 11:00, when I arrived about five minutes after, there were already a half dozen people seated and waiting to be served their Moose tacos.

I went up to one of the patrons I knew and asked where I had to place my order, along who I had to pay for a take-out. The waitress was more than kind when taking my order, and while waiting, I got button-holed by a woman I’d not seen in several years, so I sat and visited with her until my order was ready.

Tonight’s photo is the taco they prepared for me which I took back to office and consumed. Some may think five dollars for a taco a bit much, but after having eaten that “super-sized” taco, I’d say it was well worth it. You can bet I didn’t have even the slightest hunger pang the rest of the day. Truth be told, it was so good, I’ll have to remember in the future to make more frequent stops for lunch whenever looking for something for lunch on a Thursday. I believe we all need to start giving more of our business to struggling locals instead of the many franchises dotting our City.

When I went out to get my mail this afternoon, I noticed a contractor working on a doorway of that building next door to my office, so I walked over and had a little chat with him. According to him, the name of the business is “Roots”, and the owner being a registered Dietitian who’s going to be offering cooking classes, measuring body fat with a super expensive machine they use, and likely selling locally grown organic produce.  In spite of my having never met the woman, there’ve been several people I know who’ve used her services and liked them. I do hope she makes a good go of it.

Just yesterday I was visiting with someone about how much our Downtown is in need of a real bakery and confectionary. I reminded him how much business Fareway used to get when they were located just south of Bethlehem Lutheran Church where they had their own in-house bakery. Every time I would go there to shop, there’d always be people buying goodies out of their cases. I’m sure many of you remember the cream horns they sold which supplied just about everybody a major sugar high after eating one.  I think what would be best for today’s bakeries and confectionaries, is to have a mix of healthy and decadent. Don’t you know, you’ve got to be a little bit bad before you can be all the better.

There’s a gathering I’m planning on attending late tomorrow afternoon, so I’ve decided to take a large platter of my homemade fudge containing a good helping of those black walnuts I cracked. From all the thank you cards I received from those I Christmas gifted using that same fudge recipe, I’m confident it’ll be well-received. I’ll likely not stay long because I’m just not into lingering long at social gatherings. I’m just hoping we’re not going to get any snow tonight because that southerly wind we’re getting is pretty strong right now.

I know now for sure that Spring is on its way, because for the first time yesterday morning, the sun was just for a short time, shining directly in the back windows of my office. Even though it’s really not that many months the sun doesn’t shine thru those windows, it continues to be my early morning uplift whenever our skies are cloudless.

I went down another memory lane when having encountered the long-retired broker of a real estate office I worked for a very many years ago. Considering her current age, I’d say she’s doing far better than most. I never stop being amazed at how short some get.

Tonight’s One-liner is: A hen is only an egg’s way of making another egg.

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