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Let’s hope after everyone was fully awake this morning and then recalling the events of this past evening, there were no lingering regrets over whatever was said or done that suddenly became regrettable.  I’m not so sure people are the New Year’s Eve party animals they were a decade or two ago.  With our State clamping all the more down on drunk drivers, I think any partying that’s done is with small groups and usually stay-overs.  There’ve been many who’ve told me the last thing they’d ever want, is a heavy pair of form-fitting bracelets installed on their wrists before being personally ushered in the the back seat of a vehicle belonging to a constable on patrol, a.k.a. a COP.  I’m sure many of you didn’t know that’s how the name COP got started.  In Great Britain I believe they call more than one of them Coppers.

It turned out to be a glorious first day of our new year, and when I checked the extended weather forecast, I was delighted when reading our temps are to be up in the high 30’s and lower 40’s over the weekend, and mild the following week.  Yeah!  It looks like we will have by-passed those yearly four weeks of bitterly cold weather.  Yes, climate change is definitely creating some noticeable differences in our seasons here in North Iowa.

There’s some new predictions that were posted online by several so-called experts these past several days which I’ve not taken the time to read.  From the headlines of the one, it appeared that our next economic down-turn is going to be partly due to climate change.  What I’ve always feared is the non-stop expansionism of China due to their lack of enough natural resources needed to feed their billion plus population.

It was a bit of an uneventful day which was partly filled by time spent working on accounting and end of the year bill paying. I also took the time to get rid of more periodicals and print-outs that seem to pile up without notice.  What I was likely sub-consciously doing, was getting my work area cleared off for my daunting yearly task of getting my taxes prepared for another year and then coughing up another financial “fur ball” that’ll be sent to the tax authorities.  Oh well, it’s something a number of us have to do, so we just might as well accept our fates and get them paid.

A dear friend called today to wish me a Happy New year, and during our visit she mentioned something about a man named Noam Chomsky whom I’ve heard of, but never really paid much attention to over the years, because nearly all of us including myself, have fallen into our self-made traps of daily grinds, and if there’s not something published that really strikes my eye, I normally don’t even bother investigating.

According to my friend, Mr. Chomsky who’s just recently turned 90 has been making of late, some pretty noticeable judgements on people and governments.  It sounds like just yesterday some comments he made regarding our sitting president went viral on the internet news.

Having had some time to do a little research on the man, I’d say he certainly is a person of letters who’s published a number of scholarly works.  There is a book he wrote on a subject which deals with one of my areas of interest, so I’ll have to see if I can find and give it a read.  From what I’ve read, he’s quite the commentator who’s formidable even in his age whenever challenged in debate or interviewed by reporters.

One of his colleagues wrote something quite thought provoking which was, “It’s easy to say that people believe what they believe because their consent has been manufactured. But what if people know exactly what’s going on and still believe what they believe, right? Then that’s terrifying.”  On my side of the fence, those words are just another confirmation of how hard-coded today’s tribal mentalities are, which is all the more frightening.

These past years I’ve personally experienced a form of tribal mentality to where no matter how much the facts were presented along with reminding that “tribe” of the hard facts of past actions, it really didn’t matter because they had already manufactured in their minds their own forms of consent and that was that.  And yes, it’s pretty scary when living and working amongst such tribes.

Another example of manufactured consent was when a long-term client/customer of mine decided to all of a sudden stop all communications with me which disappointed me greatly at the time because I’d worked with that family for years.  What I believe started it, was their having lost out on the purchase of an acreage they wanted, and no matter what I told them at the time regarding the process of offer and counter-offer, they gave me two sets of “deer in the headlights” looks which told me they’d already made up their minds as to who was to blame irregardless of the hard facts that were presented.  Pretty scary isn’t it?  That particular unfortunate parting of ways came to mind a few days ago when I saw the husband at a grocery store several aisles away.  He saw me, waved, and then walked away.  You can rest assured I’ll continue to wish the best for them, but there’ll be no more attempts on my part to change their minds because by now, they really don’t care about the real truth.

I’ve decided to host another public open house at 725 N. Washington this coming Saturday.  Since it’s supposed to be a very nice day, I figured it would be a good day to have it open.  It’s a beautiful family home that’s still waiting for its new owners.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Concentration of wealth yields concentration of political power, and concentration of political power gives rise to legislation that increases and accelerates the cycle.

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